Week 24: Spiritual Practices that Move us Closer

This week we will look at 

Spiritual Practices 

that strengthen our connection with the Father. 

Our hope through this journey is that we come into a new revelation of the love of the Father.  In removing the obstacles that have hindered us from experiencing His love or even looking for it, we begin to open new pathways for divine connection. With this thought in mind, I encourage you to be mindful of listening to music that speaks to His love and reading scripture that does the same. We are trying to saturate our thoughts and hearts with what we long to see as our reality. 

We are His Beloved! 

This week we will practice different ways to encounter God. You have the freedom to practice the exercises multiple times or using different scriptures. Remember that Oxytocin is the ‘bonding hormone’ in your brain that is produced when you are appreciative. As we extend appreciation to the Father, we become bonded to you. Seek to elevate your level of appreciation this week. 




Rochelle FrazierComment