Esthers Released

Dear Beloved Esthers,

My heart was to send you videos all week, but I have had the tremendous technology challenges which usually means the enemy fears this message. I will post the videos from the conference this weekend releasing Esthers as soon as I get them, but I do want to share the key points that I shared with these women that your heart desperately needs to hear. It is a little long, but my heart is full today! 

What do we take from the life of this woman, Esther?

Esther shows us the Hand of God even though His name is not mentioned in her story.{He is working on your behalf!}  It shows us that the favor of God can rest on the least expected person.{You are worthy of this call!}  It shows God’s mercy for His people, and His power to divinely intervene {Nothing is impossible no matter what your circumstances speak}. It shows us the power of one encounter, one night, and one woman. 

Never underestimate a night that can change your life.

Never underestimate the power of one encounter with the King

Never underestimate the power of Your story. 

We don’t need more words, fluffs, or programs as much as we need ENCOUNTERS. Biblically, encounters altered courses. An orphan becomes queen. A “certain woman” with bleeding issues becomes daughter. A woman at a well with a history of men becomes a missionary. A woman delivered from demons becomes the first person Jesus reveals Himself to after His resurrection. Women that encountered God went in a new direction.

Encounters altered courses. 

Women today desperately need an encounter that would alter their course. This encounter would impact her walk, her influence, and her identity. It would position the invisible crown upon her head and she would begin to walk as a daughter of the light unleashing the Kingdom with each step. My heart when I do women’s events is to create atmospheres primed for encounters.  Though we don’t live in the days of Esthers, the people of God are perishing today just the same.  Esthers, it is time we take our place! His people are perishing for a lack of knowledge!

We have the same enemy as Esther. Our “Haman" has not changed; he just operates through different skin. We have one enemy, and it is time that his strategies to divide, devour, and destroy God’s people are exposed. In the words of Christine Caine, “It is time we become dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.”

Are you dangerous? 

I believe as I am released as an Esther, God has given me a new level of boldness to speak TRUTH IN LOVE regarding issues of our culture that have left us with leprosy of the heart. In the days of Jesus, leprosy was a more common disease that was contagious and effected the skin and nerves. It ultimately left people numb and the challenge with this is that they could injury themselves severely without knowing because the loss of sensation. 

Much like the lepers who lost their sensitivity, we as believers have loss sensation of our heart becoming morally blind where everything is tolerated and all things are permissible in the name of love. As a result, our people are blinded and our nation covered by darkness, rather than expelling His perfect light as we were called.

The Lord led me to Ephesians 4:18 that says, “They are darkened {morally blind} in their understanding and separated from the life of God {The Kingdom of God on Earth} because of a hardened {calloused or numb} heart.”

We don’t have leprosy of the skin, but rather leprosy of the heart. We have grown numb and blinded to truth. We are permitting things in this nation that come completely against the Word of God, and calling it love. May I speak this to your heart in love? Love doesn’t leave you in prison, captive, bound, and dying. Love doesn’t allow your soul to perish. Love doesn’t tolerate what makes our children prey to wickedness and moral corruption. Love frees us and heals us. God is love, and love sent His son to free people not in-prison them. We have to become women who don’t tolerate evil. We have to become who say, "No longer!" We have to speak truth unashamed! We have to rise up a generation of women that the enemy fears their retaliation. Could it be that it is time for you to stop shrinking back and begin to slay? The truth sweet friend is that the enemy of your heart fears you. He knows that when you realize that you are an Esther, you will take back territory for the Kingdom of God and destroy his plan. This picture is beautifully displayed in the life of Esther. The lives that came against God’s people were the lives ultimately taken. 

In speaking the truth in love, I believe Ephesians 4 awakens us to the truth about our walk. 

{4:1} I urge you to walk worth of the calling to which you were called. I want you to know that your walk matters. If you want to live as an Esther, begin to walk worthy of this calling. You weren’t called to follow the crowd, but to a narrow path that leads to life. You were called to have a different spirit and a different language.You were called to walk with radiance upon your face, as one who has fixed her eyes upon her Eternal Husband.

{4:2}With complete humility and gentleness, with patience, putting up with one another in love, making every effort to keep unity of the Spirit.  As Esthers, we have to care more about the Kingdom than preferences. As a nation we are so divided racially, politically, and denominationally that we have lost our power. It is our job to bind together every opportunity we have to bind. It is our job to speak that which heals and binds up, rather than speak what divides or cast down. An Esther understands that life and death are in her tongue. She also understands who her real enemy is. Your enemy is not black or white or hispanic. Your enemy is not Republican or Democrat or Independent. Your enemy is not Methodist, Catholic, Baptist or Nondenominational. You have ONE enemy, and he is after division because he knows the power of UNITY. Two thousand years ago when people came together as one, three thousand were saved. He fears unity, and it is our job to recognize our real enemy and do what it takes to bind. I love this conference in St Simons Island, because it is the only conference I have ever done where most of the churches in the community participate. More than ten churches supported this event, and have been apart of this community wide women's association for eleven years strong. We need to model what these women are doing in Georgia, because it builds the Kingdom and because there is power in unity. Believe me, we saw power today!

{4:15} Instead speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all ways into Messiah, who is the head. This means we teach people what aligns to His word and what violates it, and help them embrace their struggles rather than giving them options that will keep them out of the Kingdom. If we love people through struggle they know to bring it to Jesus. If we give them the false sense that there are options, they don’t even realize they have a struggle.If you have heard me teach, you know that my heart is to awaken people to the Kingdom of God. Too many churches are not teaching what Jesus taught. Jesus taught the Kingdom is here and now and in us. He taught we should seek it, and unleash it as we pray it from Heaven to Earth. When He taught the Kingdom, people were healed, delivered, and raised from the dead. He also released the disciples to freely receive and give this Kingdom. We weren't saved to wait on Heaven. We were saved to unleash it here. 

1 Corinthians 6:10-12 says: 

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who submit to or perform homosexual acts, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor verbal abusers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

So Jesus offers a Kingdom living right here on earth for those who desire to walk worthy of the calling. We are deceived that are walk doesn’t effect our access to this Kingdom, so we buy into a culture that permits all things, and it prevents us from tasting the kingdom of God on earth and preventing us living out our destiny. We are quick to point out sexual sin, but I think we need to recognize that greed and idolatry made the list as well as many others. The beautiful news is that Jesus washes us from these actions. He makes us clean to fulfill protocol to access the Kingdom, but biblically He never delivered people from sin and sent them right back to it, but rather He said,”Go and sin no more!” He also said, my power is made perfect in your weakness so bring it to me, and I will show you my power! 

Sweet friends, the American version of Jesus is far from biblical. We must seek truth in our inmost parts! 

We also must like Esther come out of hiding. Esther had to remove the mask and reveal her true identity, so that her people would be saved. The Father says that we are perishing because of a lack of knowledge, and so like Esther I chose this year to remove the mask in effort to awaken the lost people of God. As a speaker, I have often felt conformed to what is safe and what keeps churches comfortable, but I can no longer be silent for your comfort. I choose to be who I am, and I am a woman that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. The enemy has created so much fear around the Holy Spirit that so much of the church denies it. We can’t allow those that have misused or abused the Holy Spirit keep us from our source of power. There are at least fifty things found in scripture that the Holy Spirit does for us as believer. It transforms us, regenerates us, frees us, changes us, teaches us, guides us, and transforms us into His bride. It is the source that allows us to hear God, be moved by God, and unleash the Kingdom of God. Luke 11 suggest that we ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking, knock and keep knocking until the Father gives us the Holy Spirit. 

Are you asking?

Monday we will leave for Honduras on a mission trip where we walk in the miraculous. Why is it that we can see God move like that in Honduras and Africa, but not America? Perhaps, we have choked the seed of the miraculous? Perhaps? The Word say that we only need a mustard seed of faith and we can speak to mountains, but we need gifts for the impossible and saying they don't exist ultimately destroys the seed.  It is not biblical that we can do this without the Holy Spirit. It is not biblical that He stopped operating like the past. From what I have read the reason people stop pressing into this power source is for one of two reasons, either it was seen abused and feared or because of a lack of an experience. If it has been abused, I ask God to heal those memories and release that trauma, because we desperately need you to step into the fullness of what God offers to unleash His Kingdom. If you have never experienced the power, I charge you to ask God to show you His power. When I became open to Him showing himself to me in a new way, and I questioned if He still moved today like He did in His Word, He showed Himself faithful. Don’t let a lack of an experience keep you from the destiny on your life. I believe He will show if you will be open. 

You can expect in the weeks to come that I will be calling out my intercessory team of Esthers to intercede for our nation. We will boldly come before the throne of Grace and take back the Kingdom of God for this nation.  You will need to connect to the power source, so I charge you to get to your knees and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit to immerse your life.  I speak right now that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will receive power and love and every needed gift to advance the Kingdom. I believe the greatest gift we receive is the supernatural love of the Father to love His people. We can't love like He calls us to without Him. We need His heart in us, so ask today for a spiritual heart transplant. May we be overwhelmed by your love Father, even this night! May He change our appetites to His. May He become the greatest desire of our hearts. 


I speak over you that you are blessed and highly favored. I speak influence and boldness. I speak identity. You were made FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! May you walk worthy of the calling you have been given.  Freely you have now been given, so freely give this away! We need an army to rise up. I believe God will give us a language of love that we can speak even hard truth so wrapped in his love that it does not bring judgement or offense, but instead it brings freedom! 


Blessed and highly favored,

Decree that you are ESTHER




I will awaken from sleep and slumber.

I will awaken from complacency and indifference.

I am an active member in the army of the Lord.

I will engage my culture with my prayer and actions.

I loose confusion into every plan and demonic conspiracy to keep me silent.

I will arise and let my voice be heard.

I will preach Your Word.

I will encourage the next generation of godly women.

Let every dormant gift, talent and anointing be awakened inside of me.

Let every God-given idea be awakened, activated, cultivated, and implemented for kingdom advancement.

I will answer the call of God.

I will not cower back in fear.

I loose myself from insecurity and fear of failure.

I shake myself free from apathy and a lack of concern.

I will redeem time in my life.

The Lord will redeem lost time and restore every wasted year.

My heart is experiencing a great awakening to my purpose and destiny.


The Lord validates me, and 

He has called me and anointed me for such a time as this.



From The Esther Anointing
Michelle McClain Walters



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