Are you Dangerously Awake or Dangerously Deceived?

As our Esther season came to an end and I was searching for where I go next, the Lord impressed upon my heart a great burden for His people lost in the church. I could hear His voice speaking, My people are perishing for a lack of knowledge {Hosea 4:6}. And I knew the time had come for me to speak truth, even if the cost was great. I believe it was Tommy Tenney who said, "Sometimes you must risk everything to become the very thing you are called to be."  This was the story of Esther who risked her life for the sake of her people who were perishing. If she wouldn't had taken such risk, we wouldn't be celebrating her life today. If we want a story worth retelling like Esther's, we must be willing to.....die. 

I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave his life for me.
— Galatians 2:20

The past six months of "soaking," I believe prepared me to stand with new boldness for what God has been stirring in my heart over this last year. I suppose I needed to soak off your approval just a little more, and I had to release my need to be accepted and even invited into your church to speak. And now I can finally say, "If I perish, I perish!," but I will no longer keep silent in effort to keep you comfortable, rather I will speak the truth in love {Ephesians 4:15}, even if it is hard, even if you don't approve, and even if it makes me uninvited.

We have a heart for the poor, broken, and marginalized which is why my husband and I set out to launch a church in an unexpected city, and on what many would say are the "wrong" side of the tracks. I have found that the closer you get to Jesus, the more you have His heart, and His nature was to go out of His way for those cast aside and unwanted. He longs to redeem man! There comes a time when dropping bags off at a Salvation Army just doesn't meet the call anymore, but rather there is something deeper that calls you to look eye to eye with poverty and touch skin with the broken and abused, and even open your arms to allow your shirt to become a sponge for their tears. In seeking a building for our church gathering, we knew that it could not look like other buildings where the "perceived expectation" was that one must be "clean" to be invited. Initially, we were after those that felt unclean. We wanted to find a place that welcomed all despite attire, body markings, dark past, or skin color. {I want you to know that you can have the heart of Jesus to reach people in your building, as many do, but if the "perception" of the lost is that they must be clean, and they don't feel clean, they will not enter in despite your heart. If we want to reach the lost, we must think like the lost rather than hold on to tradition.} Organically, however, as we reached the lost, we attracted the hungry!  Our house is now a beautiful blend of those just coming to know Jesus and what I call Spiritual Giants!  And these are two that are dear to my heart!

Since I am speaking hard truth this week, I feel led to expose the truth that we have been persecuted not by those who are lost or deny God, but rather by those that claim to follow Jesus. It must grieve the heart of God that we have come so far from the cross, yet wrestle the same as in the days of Jesus. The people that should have seen Jesus first missed Him completely, and even denied others entering into His presence.  They had qualifications and credentials and titles that said they knew truth, but they were dangerously deceived and ultimately they played a role in His crucifixion. We should learn from the tragedy of our history, not repeat it. I want you to know that this persecution hasn't only come locally, but it has come after my ministry. There are churches that have cancelled my events because of our "nondenominational" church.  Even another ministry tried to halt us reaching people on a foreign mission trip, because they can't explain how we are drawing so many people into the kingdom in an area that has been dead. The way we are reaching people is uncomfortable to those who have struggled to reach them, but we are modeling the life of Jesus where bringing dead things to life is not an exception but an EXPECTATION. This is who Jesus was, a giver of life, and it is who we are called to be. We are the light of the world! It grieves me so to know that people that should be of the same body are the very people that seek to take the light. The deception runs deep! 

When the enemy comes as fiercely as he has after what I have to say, it speaks very loudly that he fears my voice. And he should, because I am what Lisa Bevere calls, DANGEROUSLY AWAKE! I come to slay! So I ask you....

Are you dangerous to the kingdom of darkness? Are you dangerously awake or could you be Dangerously Deceived? 

Having a story of being lost in the church, I have great compassion for those that sit comfortably in churches blinded to truth like I was.  I remember that season that I woke up to God, and how I almost had a holy anger at just how deceived I had been. I also have enmity for the one that has caused such deception {Genesis 3:15}. I want you to know that the origin of this deception is not a pastor, a denomination, or a bible teacher, but the enemy of your soul who has lulled people into tradition that they have accepted as truth. We have ONE enemy, though he has deceived us to believe that we have many. This one enemy has great strategy to cause complacency, confusion, and division specifically in areas where he fears us finding truth. Remember that he hasn't always been the enemy. He was once a glorious, beautiful angel who became overwhelmed with pride. And even today, he can come like the light, and he is relentless to keep you asleep, because fully awake you become dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.

I have learned to pay attention to threes. When God is speaking to me, I will usually receive the same or similar message from three different sources usually within days. However, this message has come over the last year. There are two ladies, Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere, that I especially love to speak into my life. {I might add that neither of these ladies know that they are my spiritual mentors amidst the thousands that feel the same, but regardless I love to glean from their wisdom. You need to be gleaning from someone, by the way, even if it is through media:)} I also love the spirit of revival in both of these women, and I hope those that have heard me speak would say I carry it too. I have a heart to revive God's women!  I also look for every opportunity to hear them speak, because we all need to be stretched and growing. I was able to hear Chris three times in the last year live, and all three times she said something to the effect that God did not save us to sit, but to make us DANGEROUS to the kingdom of darkness. I was completely fixed on this statement. I would say that I am dangerous to the kingdom of darkness today, but this hasn't always been my story despite my life sitting in a pew and serving. In this season of becoming more dangerous, I purchased "Lioness Arising" by Lisa where she calls us to become like a lioness DANGEROUSLY AWAKE. I was captivated by the idea of becoming a lioness dangerously awake, and then someone felt led to give me every piece of material from this Lioness series, and finally a man gave me a prophetic word that I was a lioness about to roar! Yes, dangerously awake was roaring in my spirit. Then add to this a woman in our church offering her story on a cardboard testimony in a few words...DANGEROUSLY DECEIVED and on the other side something about truth and freedom. There were many before her that had testimonies of addicted and abused, divorced and rejected, unloved and lonely, but her story was much like mine where she was lost in the church...dangerously deceived. She was stepping into a new place of truth as I had, and with that comes a desire to be dangerously awake, right? With all of this talk of 'Dangerously Awake' and 'Dangerous to the kingdom of darkness', and 'Dangerously Deceived,' I felt something new awakening inside of me. 


I believe I am called For Such A Time As This to speak the Truth in Love to those who could be DANGEROUSLY DECEIVED, because when we are lost in the world we know it, but there are far too many lost in the church held captive unaware. Many leaders say 50-80% of the church could be lost. I want you to know that I was fully immersed in church, and completely blinded to the Kingdom despite the Word saying to seek the Kingdom first! It is Easter week, and I can't think of a better time to awaken my sisters. I know from traveling the past few months that women are hungry for truth. I believe this message is better fitted for a book, because I can only give you a glimpse here of the depth of what I see in these seven areas, but because I can not contain it, I will give voice to what is stirring in my heart here this week of Easter.

Seven Areas Where You May Be Dangerously Deceived That Your Truth is the Truth.

My hope is that this is a week of awakening the lioness inside of you. Perhaps some of you have heard Chris and Lisa both, and now I will be your number three, so that means God is arousing you out of slumber and into slaying. Girlfriend, it's time we slay, in Jesus name! We have too many sisters that have been in bondage far too long! 

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. 2 Corinthians 4:4

I want you to know in your heart that I speak not with condemnation or judgement, but from experience of being blinded to truth. We need to lay our hearts before the Lord, and expose our beliefs and make sure what we believe is aligned to His word. I had settled for tradition over truth.  We can probably all recite the words, the truth will set you free! {John 8:32} But the real truth I have found is that some people don't want "the truth" they want their truth that keeps their lives comfortable and keeps God contained. I believe God knew we would always wrestle with tradition versus truth because it was our history, and perhaps it is why he spoke the truth shall set you free and encouraged us to seek it with our whole heart! After years of freedom ministry, I have become a freedom fighter, and it is time sweet friends to awaken you to truth and set you free!


For this moment, I want you to open your heart to truth. You may want to place your hand over your heart and ask the Father to open the eyes of your heart that you may see spiritually over physically. We need enlightenment in our souls, so that we can know His truth. 


You said that your truth will set us free, so we ask for your truth this week. We speak right now to any spirit that could blind us to truth, and we dismiss you in Jesus name and demand you leave and never return. Open our hearts to your truth Father. Renew our minds to think like Christ. Guard our lips to only speak what edifies and unifies. Cleanse our hearts that we may be holy and blameless in your site. For such a time as this awaken the spirit in us, so that we become fully awake! We desire everything you have available for us in this life. We speak that every ounce of destiny that you wrote about our lives will be fulfilled while we are on this earth. We will not miss you. We will not be like the Pharisees of the days of Jesus who missed you. We will not put you in a box or limit how you chose to use us for your kingdom advancement. We declare today Father that we want your TRUTH more than we want to hold on to tradition.

In the name of Jesus, 

You must first understand that our history is that confessing Jesus as Lord came with a great cost. Over 2000 years ago, those that confessed Him as Lord lost almost everything and many gave their lives. Even today, in the Holy Land, Jews and Muslims that convert pay a tremendous price losing families and jobs and homes. We are thankful that we live in a nation where we don't have to pay that same price, but we are deceived to think there is not a price.

You must know that there is nothing in the Word of God that says you can walk an aisle, say a prayer, invite Jesus into your heart, and you are sealed for eternity. There is nothing that says you can sprinkle babies with water and seal them for eternity. The TRUTH calls us to believe in our hearts for salvation! My experience was that I spoke with my lips Jesus was Lord for years, but my belief was not that He was Lord, because I was Lord. I dictated my life. My life was driven by a mixture of my selfish desire and a tainted version of the gospel I call the American Gospel that ironically has left out Jesus. This American version drives you to work, succeed, increase in knowledge, strive, perform, own and posses, follow the crowd, be comfortable all of which go against the Word of God. We as a nation are dangerously deceived that what we say is our belief, but the truth is that belief births fruit. What you believe is reflected in your schedule, in your relationships, and in how you spend your money. 

So let's look at a few glimpses of what tradition speaks that may not be truth:

Tradition tells us that knowledge would be evidence of those called by God, so we look for degrees and diplomas to lead us to truth, but the TRUTH says evidence of believers is love, power, signs and wonders, and spiritual fruit. God is also notorious for calling the least qualified on paper. Are the people giving you truth qualified only on paper, or do they have evidence they have been called by God? We need people speaking truth that don't simply know about God, but people who have been with God. {John 13:35, Mark 16:15-20, 2 Timothy 1:7, John 17:3....This is just a taste of scripture on this subject!}

Tradition can dictate your schedule and have you believing the building is the church, and we "do church" on Sundays and Wednesday, but the TRUTH says that WE are the church. Therefore our role is not confined to Sundays and Wednesday, but rather our role as the church should be the driving force of our lives. {Colossians 1:14-28 , Matthew 28:16-20 }

Traditions have divided the body of believers into so many denominations believing their preferences warrant division, but the TRUTH would say as believers we are to make every effort to unify. If we chose to worship separately, we make effort to come together undivided for the Kingdom. We are deceived if we don't see the impact the denominational division has had on the body of Christ. The fastest growing churches in our nation right now are nondenominational churches, not because they aren't committed, as one man so jokingly remarked recently, but because they have realized there is power pushing aside labels and bringing the body together as one. {Ephesians 4:3, Acts 2:1}

Tradition will call you to do good works and even put you in bondage to your own works, but TRUTH calls you to surrender. {Ephesians 2:8-9, Psalm 46:10, John 12:24, 2 Corinthians 12:9...again exhaustive scripture.}

Tradition will keep you following the crowd and comfortable, but the TRUTH says the road is  narrow and few find it. We look for affirmation by the number of people doing what we are doing, but we should desire to be a people of a different spirit. The crowd died in the wilderness, but Joshua and Caleb lived to see the promised land.{Matthew 7:14}

The problem with the American church is that most of us allow someone else to seek on our behalf, and we take their truth as our truth, and it can be far from the truth! 

I was dangerously deceived, but now I am dangerously awake! You have a hunger for more welling up on the inside of you. Why don't you reread the Parable of the Prodigal Son one more time, and see this time which son missed the feast?  {Luke 15:11:32} Sadly, I believe this is a picture of the modern day church where instead of celebrating those coming home, we are more worried about our own fattened calf.

I am asking this week that you not only allow me to stretch you, but you share this with others that may be hungry for more, because it is time to feast on everything that Jesus made available for believers!  

For creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed!

Romans 8:19

Creation is waiting on you to find out who you really are!