Dangerously Deceived Part Six: You will not live in the GREATER without this key!

Revelation 12:9 says that the enemy is the DECEIVER of the whole world, and if he is the deceiver of the WHOLE world that includes you and me.  We have ALL been deceived. None of us are immune to his strategy of deception which is probably why Jesus told us to be wiser than the serpent. {Matthew 10:16} This is why abiding in God's Word is so vital, because when we know TRUTH we are less likely to take the enemy's bait. 

Each year on Resurrection week, our church host an H Conference. The Hebrew H symbolized the breath of God, and we know that when God breathed on something that life happened, power happened, and things were birthed. So we come together seeking the breath of God to empower us, and He is faithful to breathe! Last night, I closed our churches H Conference with a message I received at 3:30am the night before. I was awaken from my sleep with yet 5 more areas of deception that He wanted me to speak to our church. {I will share this more fully in a teaching later.} What was interesting is that all 5 areas had the same key to release deception....the Holy Spirit. Since today's teaching is about the power of the Holy Spirit, I will share a piece of this message here to further support the deception around this area that God desperately wants to awaken in your life!

1.) We are deceived that our PRISONS are GREATER than God's power to FREE us.
God says that there is NO struggle so great that His power isn't GREATER. It is a lie that you can't be free from what binds you. It may be in your family and it may be familiar, but His power is greater. 
The key to unlock your prison is the HOLY SPIRIT...where the spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM! 2 Corinthians 3:17

2.) We are deceived that our PASSIONS are innocent when they are opening doors and creating idols. We need to be more aware of the influences in our lives and those of our children guarding them from witchcraft, horror movies, and toxic music that is eroding their souls and opening doors to a spirit of rebellion. Just because we don't serve golden calves, doesn't mean we haven't erected idols in our lives. If there is anything you are more passionate about than God, it is an idol. The truth is that there is nothing filling your life that is GREATER than your true desire for Him. To redirect your passions, you need to pray as Paul suggests in Ephesians 3 that the Holy Spirit will give you a revelation of the love of God that goes beyond your comprehension.

3.)We are deceived to believe we petition heaven as slaves rather than stand as sons and daughters.
We are asking God for what we possess rather than walking in what He has freely given. We are begging rather than standing, and therefore our prayers are unfruitful and begin to seed doubt which ultimately chokes the seed of faith. When we understand who we are, and we decree from Heaven rather than beg as if we are unworthy and unfaithful, we will begin to see the GREATER we long for. He wants your belief to be GREATER than your doubt.  If you want to realign your petition you need the Holy Spirit that cries out Abba {Romans 8:15} and according to  John 14 and Luke 11 we need to redirect our asking from things to the Holy Spirit.

4.)We are deceived to think that our POSITION is moved by our current condition.
Our condition does not move that we are seated in Heavenly places with Jesus. Ephesians 2 says we were raised and seated with Him. When you understand your position, it will change your current condition. When you assume this position, you will be compelled to live from GREATER.
To fix your position, you need the Holy Spirit that give access to the Father Ephesians 2:18
For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.

5.) We are deceived to believe that the POWER of God has diminished today.
Too many faiths have choked the seed of faith that births miracles, and where there is doubt there is double mindedness and where there is double mindedness there is no fruit of the kingdom. At 3:30 Friday morning, the Father said to me....they are expecting me to part the Red Sea, but they don't need me to part the sea,because they aren't fleeing from Pharaoh. They want me to turn fish and loaves into a buffet, but they haven't been on a mountain with 5000 people preaching for days.They want water turned to wine, but believe me they have plenty of wine.  God did the miracles that He did in the days of Jesus, because that is what was needed in those days. Today, it is a miracle that we have a church in a small town in Mississippi with 800 people worshipping God together despite age, denomination, color, bank account or past. This is a miracle that was needed in our town in 2017. The fact that some people in our church are worshipping God is a miracle. We are missing the miracles of our day, because we are expecting God to move as He did 2000 years ago, but we need Him to move differently today. He says we live in the time of GREATER! Are you ready to be apart of GREATER?  If you want to step into your POWER, you will need the HOLY SPIRIT, because when they received the Holy Spirit the power came upon them. Acts 1:8

He says GREATER works will I do through you, and we have been deceived long enough and settled for a God of our past rather than living the resurrected life. It is time the people of God rise in power, assuming their positions, and getting out of their own prisons, so they can set other captives free. The power of God is not just about us experiencing God, but about winning souls to the Kingdom of God. 

It is time mighty warriors to rise! Will you rise? He said that you were raised with Him, and in honor of His death let's live the life worthy of the calling He placed upon us. We live in a period where the Spirit is not only upon us, but can fill us! We are the temple of the Holy Spirit! The power of God hasn't ended just shifted from a temple to your heart! God immerse us today in Your Holy Spirit and Your Truth! 

May the presence of God overwhelm you today so that you are changed! May dead things come to life. May you live with Him being the Passion of your heart. May you live with power of the living God on the inside of you. May you be so full of the Spirit that the master deceiver fears your presence. In Jesus name, Amen




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