Do you need a miracle? The life of a God Chaser!

There was a moment where I awakened to God. A moment where I no longer read God's word out of duty or religious obligation, but out of a deeper longing for connection with love and from a holy passion to be undone by it. I was tired of striving, I was tired of performing, I was tired of feeling like I would never measure up, and I was realizing that more than doing I needed to be undone!

In this season, I became desperate for MORE. I was desperate for TRUTH. All that once filled my life had left me empty longing for something more satisfying. In this season, I became what Tommy Tenney calls a God chaser. 

A woman who was driven by a life of approval of others had shaken off the shackles of such deep bondage, and found that there is truth that when you lose your life that only then do you truly find it.{Matthew 16:25}  I began to read and hear of moves of God in our nation and went on a journey to find more. It became a way of life for me that continually moved me to the woman I am today...desperate for MORE! Desperate to help others asleep- like I was- to awaken to love, because that had become my truth. If we are on this spiritual journey out of tradition, or obligation, or fear then we have missed Him completely. We were created by love for love and this should be the essence of our spiritual life. Coming to God with nothing to offer and nothing to hide, and living life from this place is truly life. Of course, when we encounter Love from this place it compels us to live out a divine call, but the call must be initiated from surrender rather than striving. This I'm still learning! Thank you God for grace that we will never arrive, but continue the journey!


So this brings me to this summer, when a new adventure began for me. I received a message from a dear friend and fellow God chaser, Susan Brown, to come and see what God was doing in her city. It was a miracle, and she knew me well enough to know that I would drop everything and go! And I did.

Susan has the most precious store filled with Christian inspired gifts called Grace 251. When she opened Grace she prayed that it would be a place where people came for not only gifts, but for prayer and faith-filled communion. Eventually, Susan's friend Leslie helped her start a prayer room in the back of her store that met every Tuesday morning. Leslie was also apart of a prayer group in her home that met on Monday evenings at 7pm. For about a year and a half these prayer movements have been going on, and both began to experience the miracle of oil flowing, and Susan urged me to come and see! 

Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing-
over and over poured out.

For your lovely name is  "Flowing Oil"
Song of Songs 1:3 The Passion Translation


Within a few days, my daughter and I made the journey to Dalton, Georgia to experience what she described as a miracle of flowing oil from a Bible that had countless testimonies of healing and freedom for those who encountered it. I had to see for myself and experience this miracle. There was much anticipation, because we too had been praying on Monday nights and Tuesday mornings at our church, The Well, for God to move in our nation. It was not only an answer for the intercessors of Dalton, Georgia, but an answer for those of us crying out in McComb, MS, as well. God is showing himself to be the same God yesterday, today and forever! A God of miracles! 

This Bible belongs to a man named Jerry Pearce. Jerry may be one of them most humble, gentle men that you will ever meet. He seeks no glory for this miracle and assures you that it isn't the oil, but the presence of God on the oil that is changing peoples lives - and I can testify that it changed mine! Jerry and his wife Joyce were part of Leslie's prayer group in her home. After a year of prayer on January 23, Leslie describes a shift at their prayer meeting. She said that the prayer group knew that something was different in the atmosphere and in all of them, and they believed it was a defining moment where they would never be quite the same. Joyce and Jerry returned home from that night of worshipping and prayer and decided to stay in the Word that week. They didn't leave their home Tuesday to Thursday, but rather sought the Lord through prayer, worship and reading the Word. On Friday, their grandchild was over and they noticed that something was on Jerry's Bible. They thought the grandchild may have spilt something, but the consistency was that of anointing oil and in the days to come it would move from Psalm 39 all the way to Revelation. The oil then moved from Genesis to Psalm 39 so that the entire Bible was leaking what appeared to be anointing oil.

In the months to come, they would go from a ziploc bag trying to collect a vial of oil from the Bible to a container that has now filled almost 50,000 vials of oil and has been shipped around the world. Every vial has been given away, and the stories coming in of healing and the like are countless. Leslie and her husband Pastor Johnny Taylor now travel to churches with Jerry and Joyce and their prayer team to share the miracle and minister to those who desire it. 

We marked the container while at Grace to see if the oil was multiplying, and by the next morning it had moved several inches from our line. Interesting too is that the Bible is completely intact! The oil has nat changed the Bible or smeared the pages! 

We marked the container while at Grace to see if the oil was multiplying, and by the next morning it had moved several inches from our line. Interesting too is that the Bible is completely intact! The oil has nat changed the Bible or smeared the pages! 

My personal testimony was this....I immersed my hands in the oil and began to weep much like my encounter at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The presence was evident and soon I was on my knees weeping tears overwhelmed by the presence of God that was unmistakably on the oil. I was healed of Gluten allergies that I have battled for a number of years and have created quite a challenge for me trying to travel and do ministry without getting sick. However, far greater than my little petition was the spiritual shift that happened in my daughter those few days.  For her, the reaction she had awakened her to more of God. A once verbally shy child when it came to spiritual things was now raising her own money for missions, praying for people in our city, and stepping out as a leader in our youth. That my friends is priceless! A pastor friend of mine experienced a healing of an infection around his pacemaker, and another paster found his passion for lost people revitalized, and there are numerous reports of healing from cancer! It is truly a miracle!

Being so moved by what I beheld, Jerry asked me to stay over and be apart of their prayer team at a church the next evening. Jerry shared his story of the oil miraculously flowing from his Bible, and Johnny shared a message for the church and we gathered and prayed over the many that came too to see if this is real! I met a man that night that had driven from Arkansas, and he said that years before he would never had believed and maybe even criticized such an event, but he was waking up to God too, and he just couldn't miss what God was doing! It was an amazing night of worship, ministry and prayer, and my heart longed for the people of our church to experience such a miracle. So these precious people Pastor Johnny and Leslie Taylor and Jerry and Joyce Pearce will be coming to my city this week to share the miracle of oil flowing. If you are in our area, we would love for you to see what the God of miracles is doing! If you are not in our area, please visit Flowing Oil on Facebook to see other venues hosting them. 

September 23rd 6pm
House on the Rock
Amite, Louisiana 

September 24th 10:45
Praise Cathedral
Meadville, MS

September 24th 6pm
The Well
McComb, MS

If you are in Dalton, Georgia make sure you visit Grace 251, because with or without oil, the presence of God dwells in this place! And know this that you don't have to be near oil to be transformed by His presence, but for those of us seeking to see God, I believe the oil is a beautiful gift saying to our hearts that He longs to be as close to us and real to us as this oil upon our skin! 


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