Day 13: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

Dear His Beloved,

I wonder what makes you come alive? It may seem trivial or insignificant or even wasteful of time, but yet it awakens something deep within??? Do you know what it is? Take a moment and ponder this thought...what makes me come alive?

Some of us are moved by music and others by art. Some are awakened by the aromas our hands have cultivated while dabbling in the kitchen. Some find great joy from digging in fresh ground planting seeds to harvest the next season or perhaps by making our landscape a heavenly sanctuary. Some are awakened by the sounds and smells of the oceans while others with feet pressed to the asphalt on an early morning run. We all have a "sweet spot"that turns on our unique connection to the divine awakening us to something more... though most of us are too busy to notice.

The journey to Him is more than coming to a place of great knowledge, but also a place of great awareness. He gets joy when we embrace the space He has given us. He gets joy when we invite Him into what seems like daily routine. He gives joy when stop to enjoy His presence. Remember His initial plan was for us to walk in the garden with Him. His plan was for communion. The garden was a place of nakedness, freedom, and LIFE!!! We were created for His delight and he longs for us to find delight in Him. Perhaps, this is why He created the Sabbath?

You have permission to stop and enjoy the moments that bring you life today. Perhaps you can invite Him into your space today? Cook with Him, dance with Him, read to Him, write with Him, plant with Him, invite Him into the Hammock, Invite Him into the shed, invite Him into your life. 

Enjoy this Sabbath by doing something that makes you come alive.

I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

In His Grip,





Rochelle FrazierComment