31 Days of Experiencing Jesus

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I was speaking at a women's conference in St Simons Island, Georgia a few years ago when I met the most precious women, Debby Temmer. I had just finished my first season of Pastoring with my husband in Mississippi and I was just about on empty. We had never led a church before and we didn't expect the church growth, and to be honest we simply weren't prepared. It is only God that we survived that first year! 

 I had a divine revelation of Grace in that season. Grace is not at all about falling and asking God to apply His Grace, so that we don't reap consequences that we may deserve. Grace - l learned- is recognizing our weakness, boasting in that weakness and allowing the hand of God to rest on us so that we can do what we can't possibly do without Him, despite our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Grace is power! His Grace saves us! His Grace upon on our lives takes ordinary, broken people and makes us vessels of His life! 

His Grace saved me the people pleaser who truly believed for far too long that I need to be "good" to be loved by God! His Grace freed me to no longer hide my weakness but to expose it - even boast in the midst of it! His Grace also led me to this very special woman who showed up when I finally confessed that I needed help, a friend, a confident, and someone that knew the lonely road of pastoring people. I learned very quickly after launching our church that pastoring and speaking are very different roles. Speakers are welcomed and celebrated and that had been my story, but Pastors are welcomed and celebrated by few and criticized and judged by many more, especially if you are a woman.  You see, I birthed the vision for our church, The Well. God gave me a dream and a passion to see my city restored, so it only made sense when we launched that Todd and I were doing this together. I was not your typical pastor's wife. I was leading with Todd and at some times more than Todd, because God gave the vision to me and with that vision came the passion to see it out. However, because I am a woman carrying the title of Co-Pastor numerous churches cancelled me as a speaker, others posted on social media that women can't preach to the degree that I had to unplug completely, some wrote letters and others left our church.  The sweet life of pastoring, Ha!.....I pray daily for pastors and their wives by the way!:)

{Soap Box Break}

Yes, I could go into a deep theological debate over what scripture says and context to women in this role, but I would rather say this simply......I will be held accountable one day not for your theology or biblical translation, but for my obedience. With this being said, if God gives me a vision to plant a church even though I am a woman then that is what I do. If God gives me a word to preach then I will preach it. If God says step back for a season and get a heart for your city then that is what I do. If God says, "It's time to write again" then that is what I do. And I encourage you to do the same! I say this with the greatest amount of love I can give through a device...I love the Word of God with everything in my being, but too many people know the book and not the author. Too many "Christians" criticize if what others are doing is in the Word or out of the Word, because they themselves have never had their own word! Certainly you can't deny the words of John, "My sheep know my voice, and I know them and they follow me!" We should know His voice! The beauty of the cross is that we don't need a person to get to God anymore, we have complete access to the Father through Jesus by the Holy Spirit! Ephesians 2:18  {I pray you see this over the next 31 days! } Yes we all need to fellowship with believers, and we all need to be rooted in His Word, but we also all need to know the Word He is giving us for our life because we have been with Him. 

Off of my soap box, and back to my friend Debby:)

Debby and her husband were pastors that left the church ministry and opened a restoration center to pastor pastors and people called Centered for Life! They restore people and relationships as a life calling and they have immensely blessed mine! I share them with you in case you need personal or marriage restoration, a safe place to escape, godly wisdom or to deal with possibly trauma! Centered for Life is beautifully located on the coast of Georgia and they offer retreats throughout the year, private sessions, and they are praying for their own Restoration Place.  The dream in my heart is to open my own Restoration Place here in Mississippi called The Garden: Bringing Hearts Back To Life. {You can pray for us both!} Our ministries will forever be connected because our heart desire is the same to see you have a life you absolutely love! Our heart is to see your relationships thrive! Our heart is for you to live out everything God created you to be! Most of all, our heart is that we would lead you to Him and you would know {yada} Him!

We have both learned that to be spiritually mature you must be emotionally healthy. There has to be both time in the word and work on your soul. We can learn the Bible from cover to cover and never mature spiritually if we deny, cover and hide what lies beneath our surface. The first step in freedom is just the awareness that you need it!  Debby shared with me a 31 Day Experience to use with the ladies of our church to help them divert daily as I mentioned yesterday!  have adjusted it just a little so that you can work both on heart and spirit during this 31 Days!

May it bless you all!


31 Day Experience

I believe the 31 Day Experience is a great start to getting in His Word. I also have a heart to help women create rhythms of seeking, soul care and renewing their minds without having to give up their entire day! With just 15 minutes a day, I believe you can move in a positive direction without the guilt of feeling like you don’t have time. Of course, if you really want freedom, we must make more space!!!! I am in process on this journal, but wanted to give a taste to my sweet friends at Beloved who I hope are burning with fire to know Him more today!!!!

Whole Heart Living Journal

May you find your Eternal Husband as you invite Him in, pursue Him, Be Still and intentionally create those healthy attachments through gratitude, worship, and that sweet time at the beach!

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