Day 15: 21 Days To Your Eternal Husband

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Happy Labor Day-

Hopefully you are taking advantage of this holiday and enjoying a day of rest or family or both!

Todd and I are making an eleven hour drive home from Indianapolis after moving our oldest daughter into her apartment to take her first "adult job!" We are resting I suppose knowing that she is settled in and taking to this #adulting as she calls it! My how things have changed since my first job out of college. I remember thinking I had really made it as I purchased my first "bag phone" on my way to Memphis, Tennessee to move into my first apartment. The phone was purely just in case I had a flat tire and needed emergency assistance, because at that time it was too expensive to use for any other reason, right? Google, social media, and hashtags did not yet exist, and the only thing to follow was Jesus. Ha! 

While in many ways, the advancements today have made life easier, and I am obviously meeting you here today trying to encourage you because of such technology! However if we are not careful, we can get lost in what appears to be good while it steals what is truly important to us. If you are a mom today, you probably would agree that the struggle is real!

I am concerned that ....

We are raising children with chronic identity crisis! 

We are having "relationships" with devices rather than people.

We are trying to find satisfaction while constantly being fed bait to compare.

We are plagued with loneliness when it is obvious we haven't been included or when we have to watch the family vacations of those that seem to have what we so desire.

We are addicted to the prompting- by sound or light- that we may be needed by someone.

We are full of static from all the signals which I am convinced has to do with our chronic fatigue and brain fog.

We hardly look people in the eyes which every soul needs to thrive.

We rarely write which every brain needs to enhance memory. 

We can't leave work at work because it can be easily be attended to by the device in our pocket, and the expectation is that it will. 

We have normalized family time, sporting events, special occasions being more attuned to devices than people. 

We are raising a generation of narcissist that have been engrained to constantly look at self. {If you have never researched narcissism, you should probably see how scary this truth is.}

So what does this all have to do with Jesus, you may be asking? 

I was just thinking yesterday how easy our culture can turn us from God. It starts out innocent, fun, cute or even helpful, but then we are lost in normalizing the effects it has on our well being, our spiritual life and our relationships. I believe BOUNDARIES are needed as women, wives and mothers to protect ourselves and our families from finding our identity, value, or status from whose following us or who we are following other than Jesus. 

I suppose I charge you to unplug today and be present with those around you!  Unplug today and plug into Him!  I charge you as moms to set boundaries with your children, because guess what it may be 2018 but you are mom! Maybe we need a revival of motherhood and what that means, because giving to our children without limits will destroy them as adults. {Suggested reading Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend.}

Finally, I charge you as women to wise enough to turn it off when:

You know you are vulnerable.
You know you need rest.
You know others need your attention.
To simply be PRESENT!

Because Jesus says "Be still and know me!"

Be blessed by unplugging this Labor Day,



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