Day 16: 21 Days to Your Eternal Husband

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Dear His Beloved,

So much of my spiritual life was halted by this four letter word that seemed almost justified at times.....FEAR.

Fear of what people think.....of course, you should be conscientious, right?

Fear of being led astray, so the moment someone said something that didn't agree with my theology they were out the door.

Fear of trusting people because my string of life events assured me you shouldn't trust anyone.

Fear of God not showing up as evidenced by my resume of back up plans to assure my stability in the event He forgot about me.

Fear of failure because success is how we get validation, worth and identity, right?

It is interesting that fear can become so much a part of your life that you don't even recognize it as fear....but rather we choose more palatable words like I'm just being responsible, or protective, or considerate or stable.

It is interesting that the life of Jesus at times defies them all. Responsible?  He told fishermen to leave their jobs and families behind and follow Him....a man they didn't even really know. Protective? He sends His disciples directly into a storm. Considerate? Jesus tells them to let the dead bury the dead. Stable? He was basically a homeless man preaching the Gospel. I have heard it said that too many of us worship a homeless man on Sunday and turn our nose up at another on Monday, right? Let's just be real, I think most of us would label someone a lunatic if they acted as Jesus did in our culture today. This makes me wonder is our "normal" really normal at all?

We have to be open to the possibility that the way we live in our country may not be the best way, right way or the only way, and even possibly- it could be very far from Jesus. We can not be driven by what is responsible or stable, but purely by the voice of God. If He says Go, we go regardless of the cost. If He says give all you have, we give despite our savings. If He says leave your job, we leave even if there isn't a plan B. It sounds irresponsible, right? The truth though is that He didn't promise to make us comfortable or responsible, He asked us to die. And in dying we would then live!

Fear is not of God. As a matter of fact, He states ......Perfect love cast out FEAR! (1 John 4:18) So if we are bound to fear, we have not been made perfect in love and we are obviously clinging to our life more than His.

Fear is a sign that says you may need one of the following:

To move closer to Him so that His love can free you.
To move to a safer environment so that you can heal.
To expose the lie that is keeping you in prison to fear.{I'm alone. I must perform to be accepted. If I fail, I will be rejected. No one can be trusted.}
To evaluate if you are driven by Jesus or culture and recalibrate where necessary.

There are many areas that fear can grip us and halt us from every stepping out of the boat or pursing the Kingdom of God on earth or living our calling, and though it may seem valid we must do our part to give it to God knowing that we can live in both fear and love. I choose love! How about you?

Since freedom ministry is my heart passion,  allow me to lead you through a quick session.

Still yourself and try to clear your mind. {This much more effective in person, but I am leaning into the Holy Spirit to speak clearly to you through this exercise.}

Think about a time when you felt closest to God. It may have been as a child or recent. It could be in nature or at a conference. It could be in the midst of great joy or pain. Just think about that for a moment. Try to make the image vivid with colors, sounds and all details you can remember. 

What do you love about this moment?

How do you feel? Are you safe? Are you loved? 

Ask Him what He loves most about you?

Now ask Him if you have fear that hinders His love being made perfect in you?

What is that fear?

Ask Him when that fear came into your life?

Was there a lie you believed that caused you to partner with fear?

Ask Him what is His truth that He would like to replace this lie with?

Now, we need to remove the lie if you found one, so I use what I call the five R's:

Recognize - the first step to freedom is recognizing you aren't free.
"I recognize that I have believed a lie______________"

Repent - turn from agreement with lie and choose to believe differently

"I repent for partnering with this lie ______________"

Renounce - Close any open doors to the enemy's rights to you by partnering with fear

"I renounce any assignments or attachments that are on my life because of me partnering with this lie ________. I renounce any negative effects it has had on myself, my relationships, my family, my finances,or my calling. I put this lie under the blood of Jesus and declare that his blood paid the penalty for this lie. I now ask for the truth of God to reign everywhere this lie has been rooted in me."

Receive- Listen for truth

Replace- Uproot the lie and replace with truth.

"By my spirit alive in Christ, I take from the root the spirit of fear and all lies attached to it. I ask you, Holy Spirit, to fill every place where fear and the lies attached have been rooted in me with my truth_________________. I ask Jesus that you would reign in my life and every area that has been effected by fear. I ask that you would release the blessings of heaven over my life and bring back all that has been lost by this attachment. I thank you God that there will be no retaliation on me, my family, or Rochelle ,her family, or ministry by leading me through this healing process. I thank you that your power is greater than any lie. Thank you for your truth that who the sons sets free is free indeed. In Jesus name Amen."


You can actually use this session to address others issues like anxiety, shame, rejection etc...

Just know today that Jesus wants you free and full of His perfect love, and He will go out of His way to get you closer to Him!

Love you big,


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