Are you looking for MORE?

How do we create rhythms to align to MORE?

It seems the cry of most women who are truly longing to be near Jesus, is how? How do I get to His feet? What is it to abide? How do you love what you can’t see? And please tell me how to do this when I have no time to even breathe? In this last season of truly needing to be hidden in Him to grab hold to my own healing, I have spent great time meditating on His Word and revisited my own life experiences seeking to find keys and hope and of course, MORE! I pray this will help you dwell or abide, because it is she who DWELLS that is in the shelter of His Wings that truly is close to His heart!

A season to bloom….

A season to bloom….


D Desperately pursue Jesus

W Wash Yourself in His Word

E Eat from His table

L Live by His Spirit

L Love extravagantly

S Seek to create attachments

Desperately pursue Jesus because He says when you seek me with your WHOLE heart, I will be found and bring you back from captivity according to Jeremiah 29:13 The truth is that we all need to be set free from captivity to cultural christianity and the ways of America that keep us pursuing things more than Jesus. We need to be set free from comparing and judgement. We need to be set free from striving and performance. We need to surrender the garden of our soul to some pruning as referred to in John 15. It is she that is bearing fruit that He prunes. Your pruning is for your beauty to be made evident. Fruit is visible! Fruit is for others to partake in. I have learned from Dr. Henry Cloud that there is no such thing as self help….if we needed help that in itself says we need others beyond our self. Cultivating authentic community is essential because God put loving people next to God and ourselves, but community can’t replace our need for a Savior. What the world offers will only cover and hide the deepest longing in your soul to be connected back to love!

We need to create space in our lives to sit at His feet. I encourage women to divert daily, withdraw weekly and abandon annually as suggested by my spiritual mother:) If all you can do is 7 minutes a day, do it. Cultivate a rhythm by setting a time that is sacred! Find you a Jesus chair and share coffee with Him. Then withdraw weekly by putting an appointment in your calendar for more quality time. And I believe every woman need to commit to time away with Him. We need to get away to hear Him, to be refreshed, to be inspired, to be deeply connected. All of my major defining moments of building in my identity came when I got away with Him. There is more for the woman that is willing to get away with Him. I love the words of Hosea 2:14-16…I will allure her into the wilderness, and I will restore her, and speak to her, and give her a door of hope and when she leaves she will no longer call me master because she will know me as husband. Don’t you love that??? The Eternal Husband is known in times of abandonment. I make space in my calendar every year for spiritual retreats, and I hope to have my own center in McComb, Ms soon! {You can pray with me on that one!}

So the question becomes……What are you pursuing more than Him?

Wash yourself in His word because He is the Word and to abide in it, is to also abide in Him. He tells us that we can’t bear anything…NOTHING without Him and He gives us this picture of the vine and the branch that is fruitful or fruitless. John 15:1-5 tells us that we must remain in Him and He in us, and He was the Word that became flesh. Psalm 1:2-3 further shows this beautiful picture of the fruitful tree that bears fruit in ALL seasons. Don’t you long for that moment when the seasons shift yet your tree is full of love, joy, and peace. Though the waves come, you still are kind and faithful? This type of fruit comes from the seed of the Word, and not just memorizing but sitting with it, and meditating on the Word day and night.

The Word also cleans us from lies and tradition and anchors us in Truth, and there is great distortion in truth today because people are far from the Word of God. In part, I believe we have had a pendulum swing, because for so long many used the word to judge and condemn that so many want nothing to do with the Word. They want to be spiritual but not attached to the faith. In their hearts the Word is associated with insecurity, unworthiness and trauma. But that is not our God nor His Word. The Word should lead us to hope, freedom, identity and with great direction. If you have had a hard experience with “christians” using the Word to produce fear, I am so very sorry. I certainly know your pain, and I encourage you to ask God to heal that wound and open your heart up to enjoying spending time hiding His Word in your heart. Our heart is to know the man not only His word, but it is in spending time in the Word that we know His nature and His will, and it is meditating on the word that moves it from our head to our hearts and then out of the heart we speak aligned to truth and love and life and light!

Create Rhythms: Schedule time with Jesus in His word in your calendar.  Spend some time doing the spiritual discipline of Lectio Devina or just imagining yourself in the Word. A great one to practice is Psalm 23 allowing the shepherd to guide you beside still water.  {See Example at the end}

Eat from His table because  John 6:53-56 says that He who eats His body and drinks His blood abides, and this says to me that there is more power in communion than we realize. Isn’t this interesting? I had never seen that abiding was tied to communion, but there it was before me as I sought out the scriptures on abiding, and then I remembered that when I was healed from heart failure thirteen years ago, I broke bread daily in my home much like the disciples did after pentecost going house to house. There is power in remembering what Jesus did to heal us and forgive us, and to come back in fellowship with us!

Create Rhythms: Schedule one night a week where you have dinner as a family and share bread and wine.

Live by His Spirit because it is the SPIRIT that gives us access to God according Ephesians 2:18, and if you have been living by the Spirit you know this to be true. There is so much fear in the “church” around the Holy Spirit, but with good reason, because that is where the power, connection, comfort, restoration etc…is found. Of course, the enemy would try to keep you from the key that helps you connect more deeply with who you are.

Additoinally, 1 John 4:13-16 says that we know we abide because of the Spirit, so it is the Spirit that brings awareness of our abiding and Luke 11 tells us to keep asking for the Holy Spirit as a perfect Gift. We can not deny our need for the Holy Spirit or the gift of it. There are over 50 scriptures that speak to the gift of the Holy Spirit…..

He helps us

Guides us

Teaches us


Reveals the deeper things of God

HE Instructs

He Testifies of Jesus


Calls us

Fills us

Stenghtens us

Prays for us

Prophesies through us

BearsWitness to truth

Brings joy



Calls for Jesus Return

Transforms us

Lives in us

Frees us

Renews us

Produces FRUIT

Gives Gifts

Leads us

Convicts us

Sanctifies us

Empowers us

He unites us

He seals us

He gives access to the father

He enables us to wait

Romans 8 also says that Jesus is returning not for people, but for those that possess His Spirit, so our eternal lives depend on this conection.

Create Rhythms: Cultivate the practice of asking for the Holy Spirit to guide your day and your time with Jesus. Practice leaning into the Holy Spirit through your day to give you access to the Father when you need wisdom, understanding, to change the environment you are in at work, need direction, desire to be a meaningful player and are willing to allow God to use you through out your day. Every morning ask for MORE!

Love extravagantly because love is a magnet to the presence of God. When you are loving well those God has entrusted to you, those that hurt you, those that are in need, there is a greater awareness of the presence of God. It brings Him near as the John 14:23-24 teaches that He makes home with us as we love. 1 John 4:12 also tells us that we abide through love! John 13:35 also tells us that love is evidence of our possession by him - you will know they are mine by how they love. When we love God vertically, love ourselves and then love others horizontally our lives in essence make the cross. God’s way is love, but love doesn’t bend truth, or condone sin, but rather it offers help or grace for something MORE.. God tells us in Galatians describing Grace that His power is made perfect in our weakness, so boast in our weakness so His power can rest on us. Grace is not about forgiving sin, but rather the unmerited favor that rest on us when we are willing to say, I need you.

Create Rhythms: Who in your life needs the love of God that perhaps you are the only door to each day? Ask the Holy Spirit to make you a vessel of love in your home, in your work, and every where you step. Be intentional to lean into His love when those come to offend. 
What change in your life would demonstrate your love for God? I believe love is an action word. I don’t want to just hear my husband loves me, I want to see it. How does your life reflect your love for Him?

Seek to create healthy attachments because just like we attach to people, we can attach to Jesus. The same love hormone oxytocin released in intimacy and while falling in love is also released in gratitude and in worship through song. As we begin to truly worship God, the brain is flooded with the love hormone that creates a healthy attachment. Our brains have the same response to imagination as reality, so as we imagine ourselves in the scripture encountering Jesus and feeling loved and accepted, our brains are creating healthy attachments. I also believe that attachments are created through music even when we are not worshipping, and it only takes one old love song to remind you of who you use to be, right? I have found that just listening to love songs directed at Jesus elevates my mood and my desire to spend more time with Him.

Creating Rhythms: When you are spending time with Jesus, imagine yourself in the scripture with HIm. Imagine yourself walking beside still waters and allowing Him to restore your soul. Ask Him what He loves about you? Ask Him what He calls you? Stay with the emotions that you have there be it peace or joy or safety, and allow yourself to feel those emotions. {You are creating healthy attachment} Take to Him too the things that were absent in life like nurturing and comfort or safety or support and allow Him to restore those places.

I also encourage music like “Sails” by Pat Barrett that creates that feeling of love toward Him. You can do this while you put on your make up in the morning or while you drive to work or kids to school.

There is more for she who dwells…..

I hope this helps you learn to practice abiding. Don’t get overwhelmed. It takes time to cultivate rhythm. If you go back to my previous blog 31 Days, you can find scripture at the end to meditate on daily to get you in the practice of diverting daily. I am also working on a journal that helps you practice spiritual and emotional growth and you will find that there too. Many blessings, Ro

Sample of a Sacred Reading

God loves to speak to our hearts through His Word. I call this practice a Sacred Reading, but it is often referred to  a Lectio Divina or Divine Reading in Latin. 

Your heart is that God would speak to you through the Word not simply read it. 

Prepare your heart before you read by stilling yourself.

You may want to prepare by saying very slowly:

Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I am.

Be still and know me.

Be still and know.

Be still.

Read the full passage.

Read the passage again, but this time noticing the words, images, or sentences that begin to appear louder, or move you, or speak to you more than the others.

Take the words that are speaking to you and repeat them.

His wrap around presence always protects me. 

His wrap around presence always protects me. 

His wrap around presence always protects me. 

Then ask God why did He show you these words today?

What would you like me to take from this encounter with you today?

Psalm 62 Passion Translation

I stand silently to listen to the One I love,

Waiting as long as it takes for the Lord to rescue me.

For God alone has become my Savior.

He alone is my Safe Place;

His wrap around presence always protects me

For he is my Champion Defender;

There is no risk of failure with God.

So why would I let worry paralyze me,

Even when troubles multiply around me?

I am standing in absolute stillness,

Silent before the One I love;

Waiting as long as it takes for Him to rescue me.
Only God alone is  my Savior and He will not fail me.

He alone is my Safe Place;

His wrap around presence always protects me

As my Champion Defender;

There is no risk of failure with God.

So why would I let worry paralyze me,

For when troubles multiply around me?

God’s glory is all around me!

God said to me once and for all,

All the strength and power you need flows from me!

And again I heard it clearly said,

“All the love you need is found in me!”

and the Almighty said,

“The greater your passion for more

The greater reward I will give you!”


Journal your experience or anything that you need to document from your experience: 

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