1 John....The Antichrist is a sign that the final hour is here!

photo(1)Good morning sweet friends,This is my final week of my teaching assignment at my children's school which is a little bitter sweet, while at the same time a little relief, because I have struggled to manage both this full time position and this ministry and my babies;)  Of course, it was God's plan to put me here, because a ministry of youth has been birthed while here in this school.....if there is a lesson to learn, it is that certainly God can use us right where we are planted! So bloom:)

With this in mind, I am committing myself to full time ministry going forward, and I feel confident that God has said to walk in this calling, but I certainly could use your help to continue sharing this message He has placed on my heart, so please prayerful consider if your churches or groups could benefit from the message He has given me, and please share the name of your church or group with us.....shanna@rochellefrazier.com. Your help is so much needed and appreciated!:) I will admit that I know the power of God does not need my help nor your help to continue birthing what He has here, but I also know that Rochelle's nature is not to ask for help of any kind, and He is calling me to ask as an act of obedience and an act of humility....humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up! So I thank you in advance for sharing this ministry:)

So, back to 1 John....my prayer is that we get through this chapter this week:) We are in Chapter 2 verses 18-29. I have to say that these are not the most exciting of scripture verses to encounter, but as I read them and I encourage you to as well, I feel the words coming....always be prepared. John is teaching us here about the antichrist. Some of you are uncomfortable already, I know! John is concerned in these verses because of the number of antichrist present and their desire to lead people away from Jesus. By his definition, an antichrist is one that opposes Jesus Christ.  Can we say..... we are overflowing with antichrist today? He was telling them also to be prepared because the presence of antichrist was a sign of the final hour being upon them. Be prepared! Keep in mind, this is about 85 A.D. Today, in 2013, we too are concerned about the final hour, because the state of our society and because many signs are present, and we question if certain people are THE antichrist. But even then in 85 A.D., they felt it too...the final hour is upon us. It just confirms that we never know when the final hour is, and just like they felt it was near 2000  years ago, and many of us feel it is near now, we do not know, so we MUST be prepared....... as if it were today!

This thought sends me to the parable of the Bridesmaids (Matthew 25), and how the ten bridesmaids went in to the field to wait on the groom, and the groom took longer than expected and the bridesmaids fell asleep. When He finally arrived, half of them allowed their light to diminish, and they missed Him. They MISSED Him! I would say that in my heart, I do feel the time is near just as John felt it almost 2000 years ago.....I feel urgency to reach the lost...great urgency! Perhaps that doesn't mean that Jesus returns this year, or even in our life time, but perhaps He has created this urgency because for some people their time will come before He returns....and can we even bare for even one to miss HIM? A little heavy I know for a Monday, but my prayer is that it would stir within us the desire to keep lit while we wait, not only for ourselves but for those that need to be touched by His light!

So the question comes, how do I keep lit? The answer is in verse 27......Remain in Him! Remain in His Word. Remain in His Praise. Remain in His love. Remain in His truth. I was listening to a pastor the other day who said we were not made to reflect light, but to BE LIGHT! The power of light is within, and we ask today that our Father will ignite our lights, so that we can't help but radiate His glory!!!

I love these simple words from this song....

Set a fire down in my soul that I can't contain that I can't control. I want more of you God! I want more of you God! This may be a little much for some of you, but close your eyes and just listen and seek to be the light! If there is a fire in your soul, others will see it:)

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro