1 John 4: Do you get this truth God is LOVE?

pin1john4Good Thursday sweet friends, I am racing through chapter 4 today, because I do want to wrap up 1 John this week, because I have so much on my heart to share outside of this chapter that I truly love, as we all should...it is all about LOVE! And today is no exception;) I can't possibly hit on all of the words of love and what they speak, but as you can see from the image above it all comes from 1 John 4. Love is who He is....Love is what we should be.....Love is made complete as we LOVE! Love does not partner with fear.......so choose LOVE!

I challenge you to read this chapter today and it's 21 verses, since I am barely touching all that it speaks. Which was the point of this journey to get you in the WORD, right?

While I don't want to linger long here, I would be remissed if I did not, at least, mention the first 6 verses that speak to us about false spirits....bottom line, you will be tempted to leave the Gospel message, but you will know it by the name of Jesus Christ. It says the spirits that acknowledge Jesus Christ are from God (2). This seems to be a pretty simple message....so simple that we often overlook it, because the false spirit tries to sneak in the back door, so you begin agreeing with things of this world that are far from the message of Jesus without realizing that you are contributing to the advancement of the wrong kingdom by simple agreement or allowance. It says to test the spirits, and see if it agrees with the message of Jesus; before you are swayed by false spirits, make sure they pass the test! Jesus!

The remainder of this chapter 7-21 is all about love. And if you only take three words from today, let it be GOD IS LOVE (16). I was praying with a young girl a few weeks ago that was grieving over the loss of her grandfather that she felt may not have gone to heaven. Her tears pouring as I searched for words to comfort her, and I prayed "Father give me words to speak" and I heard these words...God is LOVE! It reminded me of the message I spoke to 1500 nurses last month on how the veil thins when we are near death or sick. I then asked her what were the last things that her grandfather spoke to her before he passed, and she said it was so strange that this hardened man kept offering forgiveness and asking for forgiveness. A peace washed over me as I shared with her the story of the veil and how it thins when we are sick, and how I knew for sure it was true, because it was what happened to me.....I was near death and my veil thinned in a way that I could taste His goodness and it drove me to transformation. Forgiveness is a fruit of God.....God was with her grandfather no doubt, and in that moment the peace hit us both like a tidal wave, and I saw this beautiful smile on this precious face.....My grandfather is in heaven, she said with joyful tears. I can feel it! God is love, and he pursues us and tries not to miss a one, even those with hardened calloused hearts!

The problem with waiting until that final moment is that we risk missing Him, we certainly waste this life experiencing Him, and then we miss the rewards of those whose love caused them to live as Christ (Rev 22:12). Our time here is but a vapor, but has eternal impact!

Finally, this chapter holds two truths that I cling to... perfect love cast out fear and as we love others, his love is made complete in us! First, He is not a God of fear.....but of Love and when you see him in this light it should change everything just as it did for that precious child grieving the loss of her grandfather. He is love! Second, His love is made complete in us, as we love. I dare you to practice this truth....show love and watch what happens in your life. The love of God that surpasses our understanding begins to invade your marrow so that you are forever changed....overtaken by love!

My heart is to lead you to that love, because once you taste it, there is no turning back. You will follow. You will release. You will change. You will love! But you will never get there without getting in to His Word to learn of the man that you are called to love wholly! I pray today that you will open the Word and ask to encounter Him through His word. Allow Him to speak. Allow Him to move. Open your heart to His love. Ask Him to fill you with desire for MORE of His Word! And watch and be amazed at the woman you become!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro