A disturbing truth

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I felt led to share my heart today. God has certainly broken my heart this week for the fatherless. It started Sunday when I visited a church and listened to a sermon rattling of one statistic after another.....of the 44 men on death row NONE have a relationship with their father, of the school shootings ALL have troubled father relationships, one and three children being raised with no father present, and from my own experience in counseling girls and women, I have never met a young women or even lady struggling with self worth or addictions to relationships that had a good fatherly relationship.

How sadly we underplay the role of a father?(And sometimes in the pursuit of being independent women.)

My heart continued to stir with this cry for the fatherless ever since Sunday, and I was reading Charisma magazine yesterday and there it was again with the editorial solely about the vital role of fathers. And then I got a disturbing phone call last night for prayers over a young man who was struggling after his father made a poor choice that was going to impact his life greatly. My heart hurt for him. And I sat at the ballpark last night heartbroken watching a single mother cheering on her little man as he rounded the field knowing his father would miss many of these moments, because he too made poor choices. And how I thank my God that my father is here and present and is cheering on the sidelines of every game of my little men in the absence of their father. And these men have no idea how their choices effect generations to follow? My heart this morning has just been broken as I looked over my prayer list of the young men that I am praying over that are struggling right now, because of what seems like unfair circumstances. It is easy for me to love on my girls that I minister to, and if you know me I am a lover.....I think kids need to be hugged on and encouraged and shown love; for my boys though, I just sit here in tears and pray for men to rise up to do the same, because heaven forbid women reach out to young men in need. It is sad that as a society we have come to a place of more concern about being politically correct or "appropriate" than reaching the hurting, especially children.

My broken heart reminds me.....Psalm 68:5

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

Today, my heart is not to criticize but to call you to your knees. To call you to pray for these children that are without fathers that have so much impact on their lives, that they would seek the father to the fatherless and not the world and all that it holds to fill this void. To pray that men would be placed in their lives to point them to Him! To pray that they instead of looking back will look forward and realize the impact they can have and are called to as young men who will one day be fathers. To pray for our girls that are selling themselves short because they don't see their worth, because they never heard those words from a father...your beautiful and I love you and I am so proud of you.

One lesson of many that I have taken from working with youth this year is that far too many children are living in circumstances that children should not even be aware of.....a passion to led them to the Father burns deep.

Ladies, if you have a man in your home, hit your knees for your husband and cry out for God to create a godly father in him. Step back and let him rise up to his calling. If you are a single mother, hit your knees for that man that does not live in your home, because your children NEED him to be a godly father. (And do not allow a man not of God into your family....the lives of  your children depend on it!)  If you are raising young men, hit your knees and pray over them that they will be godly fathers, instill in them the value of the role they will play, and love on them in a way that they can not escape the love of the Father. If you are a woman that has been missing a godly father, and you see that your life has been one of searching for approval of a father.....You have it! You have the love and approval of a perfect Father! And He is a perfect Father to the Fatherless! And He is a husband to the widows and single moms (Isaiah 54:5)! And He loves you!

from Pinterest christiangirlnzI am watching a revival before my eyes. I am reading of revival in everything I read these days. Revival is here! Sweet friends hit those knees and cry out to the Father that revival not miss the men in your life.

Father God,

Bless these precious women as mothers and wives and daughters that they will feel your perfect love, and that their lives will be flooded with men touched by your hand! Rise up, Father, an army of fathers that seek you above all things. Give them crazy, radical, uncontrollable love for you Father, and may it be contagious!

In Jesus name, we receive your blessings!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,