What is the state of your soul?

pinsoulBeloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

Sweet friends,

I have had such a gift of spending a few days away in prayer and seeking. Oh, how I would share this with you if I could......we should all have the luxury of getting away and filling up our souls. And I certainly don't do this enough! I think one of the treasures from this week has certainly been recognizing the need to be aware of the condition of your soul.

How easily I forget this lesson??? There are things that we do that connect us to God and while they seem insignificant lost in our roles and "to dos," they are vital to the condition of our heart. For many, we find this connection in art....painting, music, dance, writing while others find it in gardening and stillness and running. There are those things that just fill a place in us that nothing else seems to touch. It is a place where we are more aware of the presence of God and tapped in to the source of JOY!

I encounter so many mothers that are worn out from wearing their hats (as I am), and some that aren't "mothers" but are caring for their sick spouses or parents, as if they were mothers....worn slap out! And I know this for certain that when our souls get weary, we till up some good soil to allow just the things we do NOT want in out lives to start budding.....doubt, depression, anxiousness,emptiness.

I can't say that I have your answer, but I can say that we must love ourselves and our families enough to figure it out. I suppose our society has engrained in us this thought of putting everyone else  before ourselves, but perhaps we need to be rewired to move what we consider a "luxury" to become a "priority" knowing everyone will benefit from our need to feed our souls. We leak the condition of our hearts, not doubt. If we are happy, others feel it. If we are anxious, others feel it. In essence, it is why the flight attendant tells you to put your mask on first, before helping another. Right?

So, yesterday, we wrote a Psalm. However, we didn't just pen away words from dry places. We took one word, and mine was the Hebrew word Kash with a period means King (Without means in the palm of your hand), and we just focused on this one word while we listened to a musical collaboration from Psalm 119. We listened for ten minutes or so, and just asked God to speak to us through that word. We then spent just a few minutes translating what we saw or felt Him speak to us through that word. We turned those words into 8 lines consistent with Psalm 119, and we penned it a Psalm:) I have never written a Psalm and I am far from David,  but I had forgotten the joy and fulfillment I find in creative writing and musical soaking. It was the total of thirty minutes, but lingered in my heart all day...... this joy of having connected in a place that I rarely make space for reignited my worn out spirit.  My soul was satisfied all through the day......just so full! And I share this with you for those who enjoy writing to see if it sparks in you the same, and for you artist to translate this to canvas.

I encourage you to spend sometime this weekend doing nothing more than that thing that just satisfies something in you.That thing that stirs your heart with joy. That thing that makes you feel like a child full of awe and wonder. That thing that He has gifted just for you to connect your soul to His.

What will you do?

I wrote a Psalm:)

My Psalm Kash (King) King, oh King, my God, yet Father, how could this be? I the daughter of a king- most high- perfect? As I dance before Your throne, Your countenance satiates the longings of my soul- it undoes me. In your presence, I am beautiful, I am radiant, my dance flawless. And though my dance ends, your thoughts of me linger and linger. How could I bring you such glory? Thoughts of me consume you- this I can not fathom? Envelop me, Papa, in Your love-Consume me with Your Light, So that the wind of my dance releases Your heavenly kisses freeing broken souls as you have freed thee.

May you be free to just be!

In His Wings, Ro