A testimony to blessings

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.50.43 PMGood morning sweet friends, I am finally home from my travels and have so much to share from my trip. I feel the spirit of revelation hit me like a hurricane this past week, as God shared so much of His truth with my thirsty soul:) Aren't we always thirsty for more? Or should be?

I have to begin with a lesson I learned about blessings, yet while it is about blessings, I see it standing for so much more. So follow me, even if you aren't in a season of need.  For the past few months, I have been pondering the words of Genesis 12, I bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you. I didn't really understand the reason I was affixed to these words, but boy were they speaking to me.  I bless those that bless you. I don't have a clue why this baffled me so, because I have struggled my whole life with accepting blessings. I am the one that if you bring me brownies, I need to repay you with brownies and ice cream....completely missing the blessing. Not a "one up" mentality, but truly challenged with accepting gifts as blessings. So this should have been obvious right? He was teaching me a lesson, no doubt, but yes, I missed it:) Been there?

So last week I was praying with a woman in Redding, Ca,while visiting Bethel,  and the woman says to me that she felt the Father wanted to teach me about blessings. He blesses those that bless you. Ding, ding, ding the lights finally come on with explanation of this passage.  She asked, "Do you understand that He intentionally sends others to bless you? Rochelle, so much of what you do for Him is from your heart and is literally "freely given," but you have to provide, so realize that to allow you to do all that you do for His Kingdom, you must allow Him to bless you."  You have to realize that I can not take money from my books sales, someone does it for me, because I absolutely do not like taking money even for my products. I would speak for free and give away books and more books, and my heart would be content. It is who I am:) A struggle. So this woman continues to tell me that He needs me to see He really does bless those that bless me, so that I can receive graciously, because He is taking care of them too. I am trying to rewire my brain as she talks. He blesses those that bless me. 

So within the hour, I was at the coffee shop in the church getting some lemonade when I realized that the young girl in front has paid for my drink. My initial reaction was pulling out my cash to repay her plus a little extra for her generosity, and then the words hit me ...I bless those that bless you. I put the money back in my purse and began to be ever so grateful for the gift of lemonade, and I truly was.

A couple of days later I was admiring a work of art that one of the artist from the church had for sale. It was truly awakening something in me though it was certainly not something I would usually purchase, but I was so drawn to it. I flipped it over to see the price of $50, and found also the words the artist felt came from this work. As much as this lioness, so full of courage, was speaking to me, it paled in comparison to the words. It moved me. I felt like it was speaking my destiny, and I loved it so much I wanted to purchase this,  but in my rush at the airport, I left my debit card in my car, so I  was trying to be extra cautious with my cash. Probably not the best idea to be buying art at this point, right? I was actually proud I resisted and began tracking to the car when I heard the whisper....Go bless her. Go bless her. The artist? Yes, bless her.

Feeling confident I heard bless her despite knowing I was tight on funds, I obeyed. (Another lesson:) I could see her gratitude, and that in itself was truly a blessing, but you will love the rest of this story.  I went to my hotel and so parched from the heat, I stopped in the lobby to grab a drink, and I ran in to the nicest couple from Texas who says, "We want to bless you" handing me a $100 bill. Ok, Papa, I get it, you bless those that bless me. So, I blessed her and he doubled my portion within the hour. I was truly grateful beyond words.

As if this weren't enough, I went to a bridge to meet a new friend who was escaping the heat there. It appears the only breeze in the 108 degrees was over this bridge.   And yet another precious couple from Arizona came into my life with yet another blessing..... $100 bill for both of us. Can I tell you it was all I could do but cry? I knew God was helping me deal with this struggle that I have with receiving, and boy did He put me to the test, but how beautiful to see that my little blessing to the artist came back to me quadrupled, and even my friend was blessed. And this is an important lesson for me to get, because He has put a God sized vision in my heart for our youth revival......a vision that would take a tremendous blessing to fulfill and would impact 7 states, but this little act edified my spirit....He also blesses those that believe that He will fulfill what He has spoken (Luke 1:45).


He blesses those that bless you, and He blesses you as you bless others. These things I do know! However, I think it was in part more of a general message that He STANDS on His Word. Believe that I bless those that bless you....see it for yourself, so that when you need to be anchored with the truth when you are dealing with something much more difficult than parting with $50 you can STAND firm in what I have spoken.  When you need the truth He blesses those that believe he will fulfill what he has spoken,  He will never leave or forsake you or He is faithful to the faithful or close the broken-hearted, you can say with confidence, He STANDS on His Words.

There is a verse in Ephesians speaking to the armor of God and it says that when you have done all you can do to stand-then stand firm (6:13-14). These words just speak so much to me right now that I have done all I can do right now with everything I have to give, and the real test is that when I have done all I, in my flesh, can do to stand, will I stand firm believing that what He has spoken will come about? Believing He is sovereign and can do anything to promote His plan. I am taking these words a little out of context because they are speaking specifically to warfare in Ephesians, but last night they were speaking to me and I wanted to share it (the word alive and active can do this:). So, when we have done all we can do to stand, and our standing becomes fully dependent upon Him showing up in a big way, but we stand firm regardless knowing that His word is never returned empty this is when the IMPOSSIBLE happens. I so believe it, but so often we continue to work in our own strength to make things happen fearing He won't show up instead of saying you can change this whole circumstance in a moment, even with one blessing from a stranger on a bridge, if you just BELIEVE....if you will STAND on my WORD!

Sweet friends, I feel some of you have been disappointed. Some feel hope has been deferred, and I just believe in my heart He is saying look to what I have already done in your life whether big or small and Stand on my Word, and see what happens when you truly risk it all to just BELIEVE He is good!

I love you all.

I pray favor and blessings and for the fruit of much prayer in your lives to be harvested!!!!

In His Wings, Ro