Are you pursuing spiritual gifts as commanded by His Word?

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.12.09 PMFollow the way of love and EAGERLY desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. 1 Corinthians 14:1

Good morning sweet friends,

I have certainly seen the idea of prophecy make one come out of their skin with discomfort. Prophecy? I think we often recall the Old Testament prophets like Isaiah and we equate all prophecy to parallel to the gifts of Isaiah. But I had much revelation on this verse last week as I witnessed an outpouring of prophecy, but not exactly how you might think.

You see if you continue with Chapter 14 to verse 3 it says, Everyone who prophesies speaks to men for strengthening, encouragement and comfort. Strengthening, Encouragement & Comfort......not.... you will be with child by December and he will be called Taylor (:)) as one might conclude with the word "prophecy." One who prophesies edifies others or builds them up. So this definition of prophecy is not exactly the same as the prophet or prophetess that may first come to your mind, nor the idea that brings discomfort to some theology.

Can't we all look around within arms length touching someone that needs strengthening, encouragement or comfort? God uses us to edify the body of Christ. So when we know the Word of God, and stand on the Word of God, we can boldly walk in prophecy as defined in Corinthians that should be so eagerly pursued.

I admit that I have stood back and watched others speak life into someone, and in my mind, I thought they were given visions filled with images that would edify them to proclaim their words of "prophecy" so boldly. However, last week I was seeking the gift....Father, I eagerly pursue to have this gift that would build up the body. Eagerly pursue! In my pursuit, I felt led to pray over a woman for healing of a fibroid tumor, a rare but similar tumor that we prayed over another woman almost a year ago, a woman that found healing. The Hebrew root word to testimony means "do it again," so I ask .....Father we have seen healing here with this tumor type and with this testimony of Erica will you do it again for Dionne!

As I went to offer my mind was flooded with His truth the moment I put my hands her....those whose hope is in Me will not be disappointed. I am faithful to the faithful. By my stripes she is healed. The woman is leading a healing team from Ohio that prays over people for healing, it is her heart passion to see healing in others, though she herself has not seen her own physical healing ( that one again!). As I pray over her for healing, I share all of those words that were consuming my thoughts.....He is speaking to my heart that you have been faithful and He is faithful to the faithful. He will be faithful. He is speaking to my heart that your hope has been in Him, and you will not be disappointed.  And on and on. All of these words that brought comfort, encouragement and strengthening were TRUTH- they are the Word of God, and I do this most days of my life, but did not equate it to prophecy but rather blessings.

In many ways they are the same.....our history is the passing on of blessings or proclaiming the will of God over others....the definition of prophecy is the revelation of divine will. And when we know His Word, we know His Will.

So it makes perfect sense why Paul would call us to eagerly pursue it. Sadly, I feel we miss this calling out of fear we share the wrong words or out of fear of stepping in to the prophetic, but having witnessed a culture that operates out of focusing on the goodness of the Lord and His promises, I can tell you that it is beautiful to bare witness to what prophecy does to build up and encourage and strengthen the body.

So where do you begin??? First, you must know the will of God. Seek to know His word. Next, you must pursue the gift.....eagerly. I want to be used Father to build up your church! Then, you must be willing to step out and be used. I was reading Joshua last night and I noticed that the Lord did not part the waters before they crossed the Jordan, but rather said, when you step into the waters, they will part. When we take action in belief, the waters part. I was eagerly pursuing the gift, and the moment I stepped out to "activate" it, use me Father, I am willing.....His words flooded by heart!

I dare you this day to speak life into another. Ask the Holy Spirit the giver of wisdom and revelation to burden your heart with someone that needs to be strengthened, encouraged or comforted, seek His word aligned to their need and be willing to be the vessel proclaiming the promises of His goodness to edify their walk of faith. Taste and see the will not only edify the body but it will edify your own.

Seek.Love. Follow. In His Wings, Ro