Who needs an impossible God right now?

pinimpossibleGood morning sweet friends, I am sure you have seen those movies where typically it is the lead character that has two little figures lingering around his/her shoulders.....one with halo and wings and the other red with horns. One drawing him this way while the other insisting no it's that way. One says "yes, go," and the other "no, wait." Have I created the visual?:) I wonder.....do you ever feel like those same characters are living in your head?

As of recent, my life is one of the haloed figure dancing around with her song of clarity and victory, she (me) finally has it- whoop whoop! The vision is there. The confidence is here...thank you, Jesus! The wisdom and revelation she has not only prayed, but cried out for (and boy, she has that one nailed) is prevailing.....finally! Ha! And then in walks my little horned man with his little sprinkles of doubt.....and he knows exactly where to poke that hurts the most, so he pokes there, and with very little effort has my angel in a tailspin;) Please tell me this speaks to someone?:)

My story.....We found out over a week ago that we would have to move ....again!  We have literally moved every year since our house was found to have "toxic drywall" in 2009 praying ever since for it to be resolved! The thought of packing sends me into orbit, can I just be honest?;) But I thankfully got to spend a week away in prayer, and I felt confident that this would be a promotion....a good move. I returned home wearing His peace and actually very joyful of what was coming next, however, my twelve year old and all of her hormones had not been on my trip, nor heard what I heard, nor experienced what I experienced, and her worried little heart shattered mine in a moment. (The little horned man knows where to poke.) We were suppose to go on a trip just the two of us, and I told her to focus on the blessing, and to believe that God had this. And then the trip was canceled...poke, poke, poke.....the little horned man knows that my heart desire is to be a good mother and when I see those weepy little eyes so full of disappointment, he pokes and tries very hard to convince me that I have failed. I certainly know this isn't truth, but the poking hurts, right? We are women and have those tender places that make us easy target.

I have a feeling that I am not the only one getting "poked" right now. I am not the only one feeling like there is a war taking place in her mind. I am not the only one that is searching for the why? I am not the only one searching for where next? And I just want you to know that we can not afford in this moment to get out of His promises and His truth, nor ever!  My nightstand sits with a stack of books at all times. I will read before I step out of bed....Jesus Calling and Experiencing God devotionals. I may even grab my phone and read a few that I subscribe to, and then I get in the Truth, because others words build up and encourage and edify, but I need the Truth to set me free, right?

These two verses come to mind.....

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 

To renew our minds, we have to replace the doubt and lies with Truth! We must be glued to His Word every single day of our lives. Even if you only have one verse to cling to the whole day long....find it, and start embedding it in as you drive and fulfill your duties....commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established (Proverbs 16:3).

You see what happened with me is this....God gave me big vision last week! Crazy big vision that would need an IMPOSSIBLE God to fulfill, and when I am walking in confidence of what He has spoken, He has the ability to leak that dream to others.....He has the power to manifest it too, and the enemy knows this and in this moment he will do everything he can to take a way my belief, because Belief is what unlocks the miracles of the Impossible God. I truly imagine that God looks the world over for someone that is truly needing an impossible God ......needing Him, and believing in Him fully, and He is just waiting to show out! Too often our lives are fully supported by man and our own means, we have a way of making it work without truly needing a big God. We rally up help and resources and we get it done, but I just believe He is at the door waiting for someone to say...we can't do this one without YOU! I mean, He parted the Red Sea and dropped manna from the sky and turned water to wine and raised the dead and caused the sun to stand still and destroyed enemies with nothing more than praise, right?

When we seek the same IMPOSSIBLE God that Moses, Joshua, Jehoshaphat, Elijah and Elisha perhaps we will receive like they did....the God that makes all things possible?

Today, I pray that you rewire your thoughts and allow in only what you know is from Him. We have the authority to take captive our thoughts and renew our minds to align with Christ. He is good. He will never leave us. He will never fail us. His love for us we can not fathom.

And the Truth is that there really should be no battle in our mind, because Jesus put the enemy under our feet.  And that is where he belongs, and why the Truth says renew your minds! He is messing with our head, when he belongs under our feet!

Renew our minds to the truth Father.....that you are good, and love, and compassionate. Give us back the authority to put the one that seeks to rob our dreams back under our feet where you placed him at the cross of Jesus. Arise in us belief in who You are, in who we are in You, and what we can do in this life when we are full of Your glory! Let us live worthy to the lives you purposed for us and nothing less, Father. Show up in big ways so that others fall to their faces in worship of your goodness to those that sought the God of the Impossible! May it add thousands upon thousands to your Kingdom! And may we come together in one accord to offer praise in the name of Jesus!

Blessed is she who believed that He would fulfill what He spoke to her. Luke 1:45

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro