I'm on the edge of the cliff....what to do now?

pintrustGood morning sweet friends, Have you ever felt like you were standing on the edge of a cliff called to a place of radical trust? A step of faith fully surrendered could lead you soaring unlike ever before, perhaps receiving the answer to a long awaited prayer. The words consider it pure joy when you are tested rings clear because when you have persevered you lack nothing! (James 1:2-4) However, the little voice of doubt rises trying to convince you that you will fall, so instead of taking that great leap of faith fear grips you almost paralyzing you with indecision: Do I just settle here with what I have been given, even if it means turning in a dream? Do I create a "Plan B" to assure the desire of my heart is met? Do I truly believe that He will never leave or forsake me? Do I really believe that God is good, and He called me here to see if He could trust me with what He has to give me?

So what do you do when you get to a place that God is calling you to radically trust.....His provision, His healing, His way, His plan, His goodness, His love, His compassion for the desires of your heart? I recommend that you live in the Psalms. You hide yourself in a place that edifies your confidence and reminds you of His unfailing love and His history of redemption and His role as the deliver. As we feast on these truths, it hushes that voice of fear that tends to linger and even paralyze us. There is no room for doubt when you abide in His Truth! But you don't just read them, but partake in them....abide in them....in a way that brings you to fresh revelation. It is the essence of the Word alive and active.....pouring in Hope, stirring up your Spirit, renewing your thoughts, allowing you to believe and stand on it- He Keeps His Word.

Yesterday, I read the 23rd Psalm, one of my favorites, over and over and over again. And the more I read the words of the Psalm, the more it spoke to my heart. We know this one....The Lord is my shepherd....but it speaks so much more....

I SHALL NOT BE IN WANT. (Nothing to want for when we have chosen to follow the Shepherd, yet so many of us are in a season of longing. So the question arises, is He our shepherd?)

David draws a beautiful picture of green pastures and quiet waters where He restores our soul, and it speaks to me a need to REST in Him. Rest! Push busyness aside and make space for restoration. And then He guides....He guides....He guides. So we exchange all of our plans and time wasted trying to create plan B, and allow Him to show us the way fully rested and restored. Sweet friends, I am not calling you to laziness, but some of you need to know that it is okay to REST! (He is telling me this too, so you know;)

I will fear no evil for you are with me. He is with us. He is with me. He is with you. Someone needs to take this verse alone for today.....You are with me.

And then He goes on to say that He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.....Okay, grab hold to that one. And then He anoints us with oil and our cup overflows! So He finds joy in letting the enemy watch in our restoration and not just redemption for all the enemy has sought to steal from our lives, but of overflowing portion. Your cup overflows! Oh, I love that:) And then He ends with goodness and love should follow us all the days of our lives and we dwell in the house of the Lord. Are you living in longing or in love and goodness every day of your life? Favor is our destiny.

It is impressing His words and truths upon our hearts....truly impressing them that moves us to the edge knowing that we win either way......we soar into our destiny or we fall into the hands of our Shepherd, because His truth in us says..... you will not want for anything, I am with you,  and goodness and love surround you.

So a few questions to ponder:

Who is your Shepherd? (Perhaps it is you?) Do you believe His Word? Will you settle for where you are or will you step off the edge into your destiny?

Seek. Love. Follow. In His Wings, Ro

This precious little girl will melt your heart with her words of Psalm 23;)