What halts your destiny?

pinforwardGood Morning Sweet Friends, I have returned from our youth conference with Free Chapel in Atlanta with so much to share. Typically, I attempt to share my personal revelation of scripture with you, but sometimes a message is so good that it needs to be replicated. So I take no credit for this thought, but feel this is a much needed message for all of us. So this is the "Rochelle" version of  Jentezen Franklin's message to our youth.

His message comes from Matthew 26:75

Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken: "Before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times." And he went out and wept bitterly.

Peter could have never imagined himself denying Jesus, and certainly not three times, but scripture tells us that he did. We also know that once Jesus rose that Peter was devoted to this cause of sharing the Gospel, even to his own cross. We don't think about his own journey along the way...his own battles. We assume he never questions his calling again, because of the details of his life that we find in scripture. Sacrificial devotion. However, Jentezen had a different take on the life he imagined Peter had after that moment of denial.....a moment Peter would never forget, a moment that would haunt him as we are haunted by our own past.

At the sound of the rooster crowing, that sound becomes a symbol of Peter's falling. And every single time Peter heard the rooster crow from that point on, we can imagine that he questioned his own calling. The sound of roosters were common then, so he was probably awakened to the sound of a rooster, and through the day heard a rooster and at night, again, there were sounds of a rooster.  And every time he heard the sound, surely he was reminded of the day he denied his Savior. Jentezen took it a step further and said you can surely imagine the enemy was kicking roosters everywhere  along Peter's path trying to make them crow to halt the destiny of Peter.  You can't be a servant of the Lord, you denied Him, not once but three times.

The point of the story is that we all have something that the enemy uses to keep us from our destiny. Something that just when you think you have arrived or conquered, the rooster begins to crow. You could never do this. You aren't worthy. Who do you think you are?  I wonder, what is your rooster?

I'll be transparent as I am known to be....my rooster is crowing now, because for the last four years we have moved almost every year. And now here we are again. He pecks away saying you know as long as you seek to live this life of ministry you will never be settled. You might as well go back to the pharmaceutical world so that your kids feel settled.....that is what a good mother would do. Right?

We are amidst a youth revival and a place where lives are being changed, so of course, the enemy starts pecking away. This vision is too large for this little town. You heard wrong. It will be too costly to stay. You have no idea what you are doing anyway.

I love how God sweeps in to deter the voice, because just as the enemy was pecking away, we were introduced to Carl Lentz with Hillsong New York who said...I had no venue and no funds and no idea what I was doing, but I followed the plan of God and in two years 27,000 lives were touched in New York city for Jesus. He went on to say that his life was a scandalous example of God's grace. And this I pray for all of us.

Make us a scandalous example of Your grace.

Today, I claim that the rooster leaves. I claim that you are set free from whatever the enemy has sought to use to deter your destiny. I claim freedom. I claim vision and enlarged vision. I claim opportunities to share His message. I claim joy where there is grief. I claim abundance where there is lack. I claim love where there are broken hearts. I claim freedom where there are captives. I claim desire where there is apathy. I claim radical faith where there is doubt. I claim healing where there is disease. I claim beauty in place of ashes.  In the name of Jesus, flood this earth with the blessings of the Kingdom. Come Kingdom Come. Make us a scandalous example of Your grace!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro