VideoBlog 4: Could division being robbing our REVIVAL?


Good day sweet friends,

I hope you are enjoying the video blogs. I am so enjoying connecting with you:) I often feel that my words aren't enough, because I struggle to share my emotions with words on paper.....and if you know me, I am one of overflowing emotion:) Today's message is one that must not only be received but shared. I just know in my heart that we are on the brink of revival that could sweep our nation like it has these children here, and I know HE is just waiting for thirsty hearts to cry out for it, but are we blocking the gift? Are we preventing the blessing of Him raining upon us because we are more worried about the trivial, petty, insignificant things rather than seeking the outpouring and being open to embrace it? I believe hearts coming together abandoned to the cares of this world and authentically seeking the Kingdom will cause a down pour? Let it rain!!!!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings