Prayer is not enough!

pinbodyofchristHello sweet friends, My heart was stirring this morning as it does when a consistent message is planted. A message that says something has to change.....we must rise up for MORE!

A year ago in April a woman shared her testimony of she had moved to a new area expecting her first child and full of excitement when her health began to fail. She was inundated with prayers.....we are praying for you! But the story was of the few that decided to go beyond prayer and show up and feed and clean and love on this new family. A community being the hands and feet of Jesus.

A few weeks ago I heard Carl Lentz from Hillsong New York speak to a vision he had to start a church in New York. He too was inundated with prayers...we believe in you, we believe in your vision, we believe God will provide! But the story was of a man, Jentezen Franklin, who said, I believe so much that I choose to sow into your ministry, and he did what needed to be done to plant a seed that in two years led 27k to Christ. A man and his ministry become the hands and feet of Jesus.

Just last week, I mentioned to some friends that some key publishers were considering my new book. Hopeful and humbled I asked for prayer:) These publishers unfortunately want to know more than my heart or my ability.... they want to know do I have enough people engaged to consider me? And I was inundated with prayers....God has this! But then I woke last Friday to a message from the ladies of Dothan (Lisa, Mindy, Shannon, Elanor, Jan & Tonya) saying we are moving Rochelle's page over a thousand TODAY to help her, and they did. Almost 200 new likes in 24hours, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for help:) And when Lisa said to me, Rochelle, the Lord said be the hands and feet of Jesus! Don't just pray, I saw the consistency. Women stepped in to DO something more!

I remember last year when a dear friend was in need, and I was devoted to prayer for her, but I will never forget the day and neither will she that I dropped everything and drove and hour and a half to arrive at her door to say, He sent me! It was more than a prayer it was an ACTION that said

He cares, He sees, He hears and I am here to be His hands and feet.

Sweet friends, I say this not to send you in to overflowing your plate trying to be Jesus to all, but I say this to say unless your knees are worn from prayer because your calling is to intercessory prayer, you need to BE the hands and feet of Jesus to someone.

Look at this precious child above. So honored I am to say that she is not a random face or photo but the precious child that touched my heart so 12 years ago that I borrowed her name for my own...Holland Rose. Drew Holland is a college student now spending her entire summer in Uganda being the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans.....what I would give to have had this heart at her age.

So what can YOU do without traveling across the world?

Do you know a single mom? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus! This I promise. She is managing bills and babies and duties and desires all alone......she needs someone to cook a dinner or clean her home or watch her babies while she runs to get milk. Can you be His hands and feet?

Do you know a widow? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Do you know a child without a mother? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Do you know someone who has lost a child? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Do you know someone who is caring for a sick spouse? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Do you know someone battling an addiction or depression? She NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Do you know a single woman holding out for dreams yet seen? She too NEEDS you to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The truth is that we all NEED someone to BE the hands and feet of Jesus. And the beauty of it is that when we give Him away, somehow it dissipates our own worries and cares. I have never once left a place of authentic serving that I felt empty. I say authentic because sometimes we serve out of obligation not out of His sending or desire, and that can lead to exhaustion and resentment. So we ask Papa, where do you need us this day, and tomorrow and the next? Perhaps it is a text or a message or a prayer, but will you be open if He says...

Today, I need you to do MORE!

Papa, I ask for you to flood our minds and hearts with those this day that need to know that You see and You hear and You care. Rise us up to be Your hands and feet, Father. Give us words of revelation and wisdom to speak into their needs. Give us compassion that spills over and touches their lives. Overwhelm us with Your love so that the touch of our hands sets lonely hearts on fire. Fill us with desire to do and be MORE for your kingdom. May we set aside the trivial and the insignificant and may we open wide our arms to receive what has eternal significance. Light a fire in us, Father! Let Your light radiate through us and upon us. Let us be different from the world, and let others see us and hunger for MORE of You!

In the precious name of Jesus Amen

Seek. Love.Follow.

In His Wings,