What the enemy seeks to take you out with, God will use to Redeem!

God waste nothing in your life.... Brings purpose from every pain.

What the enemy seeks to take you out with, God will use to redeem you!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.38.05 AMI'm dabbling with Twitter, and if you are a "tweeter" you may have seen this yesterday. I was speaking these words from truth in my life, and as I read them I knew the life they spoke to me, but then I wondered how they hit you?

Maybe you have seen purpose from pain? Perhaps you have seen redemption? Maybe you have seen God use something that surprised you and stirred within.....He waste nothing?

I do know that we often read words that edify our spirit or rise up hope within, but I think when we see the TRUTH deeply hidden in the words they come with power and new life. With this in mind, I wanted to share why I wrote these words in part.....

For one, He waste nothing. I loved storytelling as a child. I turned this little passion into a love of speaking as I went through college. When I encountered my first female motivational speaker, I felt it was my destiny. I pursued it only to be told that my life was too perfect and I had no story to offer. For thirteen years, I set the desire and gifting aside completely, but then the day came when they asked, "Will you share your story?" and I confidently stepped into how He equipped me. He waste nothing.

On a larger scale with the same thought in mind, I had no message....my life "too perfect," but through my mess He has used my story of healing and redemption to speak into the lives of the broken, the divorced, the lost in the world, and those empty. He waste nothing.

Had I not been through the toughest year of my life, I would not be who I am today. I would never have known the "comforter" or the "healer" or the "provider" so intimately had I never been in a place of such great need. Pain has purpose!

And then one of my favorite truths that I have seen in my life is that what the enemy seeks to take you out with, God uses to redeem you.  I have several stories to attest to this, but one of my favorites happened a few years ago when I attended a women's conference in North Carolina. I was a young speaker and seeking to get equipped to build a platform.....as they call it:) I was with 600 women that shared my heart for the Word of God. They were passionate and amazing and so full of life and love of Christ. I began to question....does He really need me? And then to add salt to this opening wound, Michael O'Brien who led worship during the weekend began sharing his testimony. At the time, I only heard part of his story. It was the part that said he chose to leave his singing position with the band New Song to return home to be a father and husband. He spoke so lovingly of his family and their needs. I didn't know at the time that there was much more to this story, but I took it in with conviction that I should be home raising my children and stop speaking. I left with 3 events on my calendar and no desire to pursue others. I would follow up with commitments and return to a career in sales, and be a "good mom.":)

A few months passed and it came time for the event and I felt a little empty to be speaking, so I found the closest retreat center I could find and thought I would get away with Him, and hear His heart for the ladies awaiting me. That weekend I received a note on my bed....

You have a song to sing, and only you can sing it. No one has your same lyrics ....your unique story, and it is your duty to sing it.

You can imagine I looked these words over ten times with eyes streaming tears. I felt His words rush upon me that weekend, and I delivered a message the next week in Athens, Georgia that would shift my path. A woman there who is now a dear friend, Susan Brown, said she would be my encourager, because my story touched too many lives and I would speak and she would assure it. Four months later, she brought me to her hometown to do a women's event, and the person that led worship for me that night was none other than Michael O'Brien. That night as I saw an altar full of women (so many women I couldn't begin to count), and I saw that God could use this little vessel to send forth His love to the broken, and I would never again question my calling.

The very thing that the enemy sought to take me out with, God redeemed me with! Not only will that man's testimony not halt your destiny, but it will assure it!

I say this to you today to say, whatever that "thing" is that the enemy continues to poke you with, claim victory over it. Jesus came to reverse situations....joy from mourning, freedom for captives, beauty from ashes. It is His way!

So when the enemy says, you would never be worthy of a good Christian man, you begin claiming not only a good Christian man, but the head of ministry.

When the enemy says you are not strong enough to endure, you expect and live from the supernatural strength from within.

When he says, you will fail, you expect fully to do exceedingly more than you can even fathom.

When your life is consumed with debt, you claim and expect and work to move toward abundance.

He prepares a table in the presence of your enemy and

anoints your head with oil and overflows you cup!

Psalm 23

I just believe that God loves to restore the exact thing the enemy seeks to steal, and I can say this with conviction, because I know it to be TRUTH!

If we could only embrace the true source of power within, the enemy would be out of business. Don't give him power that he doesn't have! Reclaim the victory that was given at the words.....IT IS FINISHED!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro

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