HGMP Video Blog Part 7: Healing Broken Hearts & The Truth of the Gospel

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 1.21.30 PMHello Sweet Friends, We will start this week with a little bit of hard truth.....we can't stay in wounds and claim to be near Jesus.  The beauty of the Gospel is in part the freedom it brings. So if we claim it and truly believe it, we need to live it! He came to bind up broken hearts and free captives. So then bottom line is... Why aren't we free?

I am also treating you to a little Sweeteas today, so I hope you enjoy this message! It has been quite a battle to get it to you today between noise and loosing power, so I pray that it sets someone free. You have a choice to walk away from wounds and captivity and choose to be FREE! And can I tell you that it is a beautiful thing.

He Gave Me Pearls- Part 7 He Healeth Broken Hearts