Our heart matters.....Video Blog 9

pinstilettos3 Hello Sweet Friends,

It often seems like we are burned out, overwhelmed, and weary chasing schedules, babies and filling our far too many roles.  It is not only okay, but vital that we stop to refuel our hearts. It matters to Him, and that is why He pulls those heart strings for certain things. You need to restored and refreshed and simply to laugh and smile.

On a side note:) I am doing a little photo series on "Chasing God in Stilettos," because I think so many women hold tight to "things" because they are afraid He will ask them to let go of things they feel they need......they fear they will lose the fun and excitement of life, but in all honestly, I have never had more fun than this season of my life chasing His heart. I remember speaking to middle school girls in Alabama a few years ago, and one said to me, "You are not the typical church lady."Add tween tone and gestures, of course:)Ha!  They were in awe that I could be exactly who I was, and love Jesus like I do. You don't have to turn in your cute heels, just turn them into what I call Goye shoes....Go ye and make disciples in them:) Love you to pieces!

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