Your Castle Awaits...Part 14

loveloyaltylegacybackground Hello Sweet Friends,

Today, we speak to your Inheritance.....Yes, your castle awaits, but it is here and now for the taking. Do you know it? Have you tasted it? Today's video will tell you More!!!

A treat for today:) We are gearing up our new ministry team for Deuteronomy 6, and I have had a number ask who is a D6 Woman? I woke as I occasionally do with these words yesterday morning at about 4am.....typical:) They put into context the calling and the climate to when this chapter was written. The people of Israel were about to take hold of their promise land, and they were given instructions on how to live and flourish there despite everything inhabiting it against what they were created to be.  So enjoy this and see do you desire to be a D6 Woman?

Who is this woman we call D6? She is the woman you'll never forget. Her love for her Father consumes her soul, And the way she loves others is something to behold.

It matters not that she circled the same mountain for almost 40 years, But that she TURNED to the Restorer of Time and Redeemer of tears. For what He has done for her, she will never forget, But assure that His wonders on others are impressed.

Enrobed in dignity, she takes hold of her promise land; It’s not where she has been, but who she becomes in His hands.

Her role is irreplaceable; generations at stake, So she rises up with His Truth for she has warriors to make. She speaks of His Word as His children come and as they go. She teaches the hard truth: You will reap from what you sow. And to this truth she stands sowing even when fruit she doesn’t see, Because she knows He honors the sower, and she will harvest divine legacy.

A D6 woman doesn’t come easy, is an honest confession, But it is worth it to the one who knows…. She left an impression!

In His Wings, Ro