I'm Claiming My Promise Land!

pind6logo2Good Monday Sweet Friends, I have been preparing to speak in Mobile, Alabama tomorrow night, and in preparing I have been walking back through Deuteronomy 6. I know those of you who follow me know that I have a heart for D6, and perhaps today will give revelation to why I love this chapter so very much.

First, the environment of D6 is consistent with where so many of us stand...in a wilderness ready to enter a promise land. Like His people then, many of us feel today that we have traveled the same mountain for 40 years, and we are desperate to turn in a new direction. And in D6 we find the solution......Love me with all of your being, never forget what I have done for you, and impress it upon the children so that no one forgets that I am a good God and so that you prosper in a land of milk and honey. It is soooooo good my friends. What a chapter with so much truth on abiding in your promise land.

As much as I love it all, what spoke to me yesterday was something I think we need to all embrace, and though I will share this in person in Mobile tomorrow I think we all need to hear this today. God brought the people OUT of the wilderness to bring them IN their promise land. He brought them OUT with a purpose of bringing them IN to something NEW. Hold onto this thought......He doesn't just bring us out of something to simply bring us out!

I counsel women all of the time that I think have missed this very thing. You see we pray for God to restore our marriages after betrayal or addiction or neglect or whatever has caused division, but it is not enough to simply get us out. We may avoid the "D" word,  but if we never move to His promise for marriage, we will go right back to where we prayed to get out of. Husbands serve and love your wives like Christ loved the church; wives honor and respect your husband. This is your promise land. He brings you OUT to bring you IN. If we pray for God to bring us out of an addiction, and He does, but we don't step into HIS destiny for us, we will slide right back into that addiction or another. Even worse, according to Matthew 12:45 it can be seven times worse than it was before. He brings you OUT to bring you IN. If God steps into relieve our debt, and causes us to flourish and we don't use it to bless and build up the Kingdom, and we forget where we have come from, we will slide right back to the pattern that was wrecking our lives. Do you see this pattern? He moved the Israelites out of the wilderness to move them into their promise land, however, they forgot the words of D6 and ended right back in captivity.

It is time sweet friends that we get out of the wilderness and step into our promise land. It is time that we stop pleading with God to bring us out of something without the desire to step into something new. It is our time to reclaim our promise land!

Father, will you lead us out of this wilderness season and stir in us a desire to take hold of our promise land? Will you make us into nothing short of what you had in mind when you knit us together in our mother's womb? Will you put your hand upon our lives in a fresh way today and may we feel it? We love and praise you and give you every ounce of glory for all that you have done and are about to do in and through our lives! Overwhelmed by your Grace, we say thank you Father for revealing yourself to the little ones. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

In His Wings, Ro