What would happen if we would come together?

pinrochelleHello Sweet Friends, Oh how my heart has been stirring lately with the same theme......unity, unity, unity! I don't know if God is giving me eyes to see division lately so that this stirring remains, or if I am just more sensitive, or if it has just gotten to a level of enough? For whatever reason, I feel it is time to speak some truth, because the division, especially among "Christian women" is rubbing my heart raw.

I have always been bothered by those that continuously criticize those in ministry. You know the one that post on Youtube that the singer isn't good enough or anointed enough after you have just heard a beautiful rendition of something along the lines of "The Mercy Seat" or the one that takes shots criticizing people that spend their life serving like Beth Moore. I want to pull out the blow horn and yell, "You there Mr or Mrs with your Got Jesus Tshirt on.......you and your critical spirit are working for the wrong team." We need to be real here. We can not break down the body (any body) and call ourselves Christians. It wasn't His way, so why is it our way? I have a friend that is starting a church, and his vision is to be a church for those that have been hurt by the church. What? How did we get to a place where we need churches because people have no place to go, because the church wasn't serving its place as Jesus the healer and comforter, but something more like the condemner and in that condemnation they have moved people away from God instead of sending them straight to His operating table. And I know this to be true, because some of my dearest friends now in ministry were those very people that were wounded by a church or one claiming to be "Christian."

There is a need to stand as one body, but not just as a church or as a Christian, what my heart stirs so for is unity in women. I spoke a little of this Tuesday night in Mobile, Alabama and I have to share this with you, because there are women that truly need us to stand WITH them. There are women going through storms and women that have shut themselves out, because of judgmental stares and whispers of  "church ladies" and it is time we STAND as ONE as He would and He did with the woman and her five husbands, and the widow, and the one tormented by demons. It is time we live like Christians, or realize that we aren't.

One way to stand is by simply using the power of life in our tongue. When a woman has been betrayed by her husband and chooses to forgive and stay for her family and stand with her man. Far too many of us speak this......He will do it again. We think this.....bless her heart she must be insecure or needy. And now she feels....isolated, alone and neglected on top of betrayed. And many times, we have spoken what will manifest in her life, but what happens if we choose life....what a woman of God to believe in restoration, to trust in her God, to stand for her family, to forgive. What if we speak LIFE to her.....May your life be a living testimony of God's redeeming power. We will stand and fast and pray with you, because our God is a God of victory, and we claim it!

We have another woman who has handed over an addiction, and we say......wonder how long it will last this time? And we think......bless her heart she will always struggle. And she too feels...isolated alone and neglected because she feels our stares and she isn't included in our little social groups because she isn't quite like us. But what if we believed that God took her addiction, that He redeemed her and restored her and we spoke it over her and we included her in our bunko groups and wrapped our arms around her and loved her and welcomed her and made her feel worthy of a better life?  What if? Would her outcome change?

The truth is that we don't know her story, and we don't know what she came out of, or has been through, or what she does when her doors are closed and she is alone. If we truly want to follow Christ, we need to care, we need to love, and we need cease our tongues if they can not speak life.

What would happen if women would close their lips to gossip and open them up to life and love and victory? What would happen if we chose to make it our business that no woman walked this alone, because we believe that in each and everyone of us is Christ, and though the world sees her dirt, He sees her treasure, and so should we.

Sweet friends, I pray that God opens your eyes to see the pain in others so that you can be possibly the only Jesus someone else sees. We have to put an end to the critical spirit that is eroding our body and sending the needy into a dark place alone. We have to live this thing as Christians fully or realize that it isn't them missing it, but we are missing it. And ultimately like the other son in the prodigal son.....the "good" son,  we will miss Him. If you missed that story, the only person not at the feast was the one that thought he was righteous.

In His Wings, Ro