Will you go deeper still?

pinmoreGood morning sweet friends, I was thinking this morning of a woman that I met several years ago. A woman that would change me forever. A woman that had a thirst for MORE.....A woman that spoke with love and authority. A woman that seemed to get it and have it....something that I did not at that time have. A woman that brought to my awareness that I was missing something or perhaps a lot or perhaps everything. A woman that would forever change my life creating a deep seeded thirst for MORE.

There were times in my life when I may have thought a woman like her was unusual or strange or possible even named her my personal favorite word....a fruitcake;) But then when the timing came that I was ready for something more, desperately needing something more, and when He had loosened the rope of religion that was choking me so that I could breath in something more, I received her not as a fruitcake, but as a woman I wanted to be. A woman that could walk from bondage to things and status and opinions and cling to and abide in and live out His Word fully.

As I listened this morning to songs of His praise and soaked in their truths, I pondered why I am here with you? Why do I have this desire to travel and speak and share my heart without being bound to fear as I once was? And all I can think of is this woman. One woman that showed me that there was  more. And in my heart I want to be her.....and I want to inspire you to be her, because far too many of us think we can't be used or our time has passed or we have nothing to offer. And while this woman has a very strong career today and she is brilliant, in that very moment when she moved me to the throne, she was a stay home mother. She wasn't a speaker or a writer or a theologian, but she was a devoted mother and the first image I have ever seen of the Bride of Christ.

So I thought I would share a little of how this woman unwrapped me, because seven years ago, I was far from the person I am today. When I was in a hospital with a diagnosis that would call in the local pastor to pray with my family, to be honest I felt fear when he left. There was no peace. And certainly not to say that pastors can't be delivers of peace, because they surely can, but because fear remained I was willing to say "I'll do anything Father for your peace." And He took this woman (me) who was embarrassed to say Jesus in public for fear of offending, and He led her into the hands of a woman that stood with authority and power of the Word spoken. And she asked if I would mind if she put her hands upon me and prayed aloud,  and as weird as that seemed in that moment, I was willing and something happened as she professed His truth over my failing heart. The light and power of the Word removed the darkness.  They were no longer words on pages but a sword piercing through darkness and though I said I knew it, it was in that moment that I truly would know the power of the Word as a sword. I turned into a fruitcake myself running around my house speaking the Word believing for the first time in my Christian walk the true power of His Word. I shall not die but live and I will spread your word. I made declaration: You will never leave or forsake me. You will bring beauty from these ashes. I am healed by His wounds!

As I sit here reflecting on those moments, I laugh a little at how silly it seemed but how devoted I was to standing in light. And how sad to acknowledge that I ran from women like me for most of my life......fruitcakes. :) I think there have been times in my stepping out that I have feared sharing some of my revelation for fear of making one uncomfortable, but this morning I was stirred knowing that there are women that are ready to go deeper. There are women that are desperate to go deeper, because at this point they have nothing else to lose. There are women that have missed Him for far too long, and it is time to stand on His Word. It is time to believe in the POWER of the Word today. The POWER of the Word spoken, the POWER of laying hands upon another woman and professing His Word, and the POWER that comes to those who believe the Word.......truly BELIEVE.

This week we will go deeper, and I pray that you will test everything that I share. The Word of God will change your life, but it must get out of the book and invade your heart so that you know that you know that you know that it is TRUTH and then it becomes LIFE!

I don't know where you are today. I don't know if you are in need of the Word over your life or in a position to step out and deliver the Word over someone's life, but I dare you to be so bold to take a step into something deeper!!!!! There are many women that will encourage you, and I pray that I do, but it is time to stop being encouraged and to get empowered to change your life so that you can step into the calling of leading others to the Kingdom.

Bear fruit, fruit that will last. John 15:16

I love you sweet friends, and I am praying for big things this week. May His love rush into your life like a mighty wind, and you are never the same!!!

In His Wings, Ro