May we go deeper?

pincometomeGood morning sweet friends, This week has been one of trouble to my heart. A week of warfare.... as we all tend to experience especially before entering a season that will be busy for the Kingdom. A week when God takes you to the edge and says will you trust me and only me. A week that calls you to press in to the voice of the one that will never leave or forsake you. The one that says I have you and I have this and I will bless those that bless you and I will curse those that curse you, so trust and release your burdens to me.

Have you been here lately? The voices of confusion seeking to distract you from greater purpose or just to simply steal your joy?

As we venture deeper, I want you to know this....God speaks to us still. I have heard a pastor or two say to a congregation that you don't need the voice of God because we have His Word. This is not at all consistent with His word, because He says He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He says greater works will we do than those (John 14:12). He says get away from me you with all of your rituals because you never knew me (Matt 7: 21-23). The Word is power and life, but it was meant to lead you to God, Jesus and to walk with the Holy Spirit, not to bind you to a book, even when that book is His God Breathed and Inspired Word.

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, Christian books today is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Who doesn't love Jesus Calling because it makes you feel as if He is speaking just to you and who doesn't long to hear His voice? We are His sheep and that voice we should long for....especially when the voices of others are seeking to confuse and manipulate or move you from your purpose. Jesus Calling is simply the letters that God wrote to Sarah in their communing moments. What He said to her heart touches our hearts because we long for that intimacy. It is in our divine design to commune with our maker.

And like Sarah, He does the same for me......

Put your hope in none but Me, I am your one and only rock. Need no one's voice more than mine. Seek it. Bring it. Bring all that weighs heavy on your heart that I designed to be free and let me free it. You see, you seek to pour out your troubles to others....others that can do nothing with those troubles. So I am asking you to pour out your heart to Me. Pour it out so that you are empty from all that weighs you down, and rest on me your one and only rock, and be filled. You, my dear, are not THE ROCK, so rest knowing that it is okay to need me to step in and be your Rock, because I am you Rock. And because I love you!

I tell you this sweet friends to say that if He will speak this way to Sarah and this way to Rochelle and Kim and Denise and Lisa then He will speak this way to you too. My sheep hear my voice. How did I realize that He speaks you may ask? I started keeping journals about seven years ago when going through a season of struggle. Journals of just pouring out my heart and desires, and one day I went back to the journals and realized that in my journals my voice switched to His. I was no longer writing in first person, but from His heart to mine, and once I could see that He did indeed speak, I began allowing Him to speak more. Craving it, I approached my journals with great hunger for more. Perhaps, He has already been speaking to you. Perhaps, you have missed His voice in the confusion of others, but regardless you must know that He speaks and His desire is to speak into your life. Jesus only did what the Father told Him to do, and so should we.

Sweet friends, I pray that you will press in to have all that He desires for you. Seek His Voice. Seek His Touch. Seek His Love. Seek His Arms this very day, because He is waiting.

In His Wings, Ro