Deeper still.....

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 6.28.50 AMGood Friday Sweet Friends, So this week we have spoken of going deeper....into experiencing life walking with the Spirit. For some of you this is your everyday and for others it may seem a little weird, to be honest. Right? This idea of laying hands proclaiming the word of God or the idea that He would speak to you through journals or at all????

There was certainly a time in my life that it would have been very strange to me too, so I get that. As I shared on Monday though, there was a women that awakened me to something more that changed my life 7 years ago, so I seek to share my experience with MORE in hopes to lead you to the fullness promised. Today, I want to speak to God using you to speak into the lives of others.

A few years back, I was asked to pray over a women after an event, and as I began praying His word over her my words became very specific to her need and her desire and I saw it as the tears ran down her face. Her look said, "How did you know?" And my heart was in did I know? And then it happened more often where my prayers for strength or courage or warring up would turn into prayers that were specific. I remember being in San Francisco last year, and I remember praying over a beautiful young woman and as I prayed I kept praying for her home....that her home would be full of love and life, and it was a blessing and divinely chosen and that they would feel like a family etc...every utterance from my mouth was for a home, and she looks with tears.....who told you we needed a home?

I can't say that it happens every time or even often, but on occasion when I pray with someone or for someone He speaks into their lives using my lips. Just this week, I sent a message to a woman in my prayer circle, thought I have never met her,  The Lord wants you to know You are enough! You are enough!  Only to find a response, this is my struggle. This is where my enemy pokes. I am not enough....I am crying reading your message.

And this week as I was going through my own struggles a dear friend half way across the country with no idea of my circumstances, sent me a message, "Confusion be gone. Clarity! Clarity! Clarity! In the name of Jesus you have the mind of Christ." And boy did the tears come....thank you Jesus for sending people to speak into our lives and using us the same.  And I love this, because we don't see a physical Jesus, but for those who seek to be used, He most often uses people and relationships to be His voice or confirmation that He hears and sees and cares. And don't we all need that?

For this week, my hope was that I would stir you to know that there is more and we can go deeper into a life in the Spirit that is everything true of the words from 1 Corinthians 2:7-10...

There is a wisdom among mature believers..... no eye has seen nor mind conceived what He has prepared for those who love Him, but he reveals it by His spirit. There is more, sweet friends. More to be seen and heard and enjoyed and embraced. This is why He led us to pray thy kingdom come let it be on earth as it is in heaven. The partaking of kingdom life begins here not when this life ends. Will you partake or will you miss it?

Might I recommend that you ask the Father to show you these truths over the weekend, so that you live not from a second hand testimony, but one that overcomes;)


As we go through the next few days, will you stir up the spirit within these women so that they can see the truth that you speak through people, through journals, and through them. Will you give them opportunities to see how your Word spoken aloud makes darkness flee? Will you give them your Words just for their hearts through their journals? Will you impress their hearts with someone in their life that needs a word from you and will you trust them to deliver that word? Make us all a bunch of fruit cakes for Jesus, Papa, because there is no greater joy than being crazy in love with our one great love. Do something in their lives that they could not have ever imagined Father. Make it real and personal and make it life changing. No turning back, we follow you!!!

In the name of Jesus, May your kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro