Why is it important that we never forget?

pinprayermovesHello Sweet Friends, How easily we forget......

This thought was lingering this morning as I begin preparing for a show in Lafayette, Louisiana this week. I was reminiscing of this same time five years ago when I would for the first time introduce Sweeteas. The thoughts of then still fresh today......is the printer right, will I be selling these books out of the trunk of my car for the next six years? Will they think I'm crazy? Is it good enough? And amidst the questions, there was this piece of hope that said, what if they are wrong?

In Deuteronomy 6 when the Israelites were about to enter their promised land, Moses said to them....never forget what He has done. And as I sit amidst boxes and curtains and books arranging my things to go, I hold tight to those words, because in knowing what He has done, we can hold tight to the truth.....He will do it again.

Priscilla Shirer says that some women never encounter the impossible God, because they would never put themselves in a position where He had to show up; I, on the other hand, live in a position where He has to show up. But it is in knowing that He has been faithful before that brings confidence that He will be faithful again. I believe. I love the thought of what happens next, because who could have imagined five years ago that those books would have sold in 6 months rather than 6 years? Who would have thought that I would have the courage to step out of the security of my pharmaceutical boat and step out on to water with Him, and still be standing? Who would have thought that God could do such a work as He has in a girl so bound to the world? But God........ Hmmmmm.....

I feel there are many of you today that need to remember. Remember what it was like when you fell in love with your husband, remember what it was like to put on your pjs and watch movies with your girlfriends, remember what it was like to laugh with your children, remember what it was like to feel His presence, remember what it felt like when He showed up, remember what it was like to dream, and remember all that He has done for you, so that you can with hope believe He will do it again.... in your marriage, in your relationships, in your heartache, in your great need. He can do it again.

I was listening to a pastor as I drove home yesterday, and he spoke of following God like ascending up a mountain. He said that like a climber there are places of exhilaration and places for rest, but there are also times that you feel like you can't go one step further. It feels like you have hit a wall. And so many of us get here and lose our focus through weariness or pain or doubt, and we turn back when we were two steps from breaking into the next level of His promises, mostly because we have forgotten what He has already done in our lives.

I just believe trust brings us to new places of inheritance just like with our children. If my daughter needed money to fill up her car with gas, I may give her $20. As my trust with her use of money grows, I may hand her my gas card, and then at some point, I may just say, "here is your own card." You see, as long as my daughter needs gas money she will keep coming back to me, but once I hand over the card do I trust that she will come back even though that need is met? It is so much like our spiritual journey....when we are in need, we stay close, but perhaps He will not fill that need until He can trust that we will remain close without it.

Sweet friends, if you are in a season of need or a place that feels like you have come up against a wall, perhaps God is drawing you close. He has not failed you or forgotten you, but is working on binding you together so that when that blessing comes that He can trust you will not forget the Blessor.  When doubt starts to creep in, trust His timing, and never forget what He has already done in your life, and believe He will do it again!

Trust in His promise......Nothing is impossible with Me! Luke 1:37

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro