Has He Kept His Promise?

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.10.07 AMHello Sweet Friends, I was having dinner with a friend last night while out of town at a show, and as we shared our meal, we shared our hearts. We talked about promises seen and desires still not fulfilled, and some we spoke with joy and some with a hint of tears. Are we all still holding on to promises?

I think it is just the nature of women to help, and especially when things aren't occurring on our time schedule. We even justify it.....we will make it easier on you. Don't you need my help? You have so many others to tend to, I'll just help a little.   It is hard to hold fast to dreams and wait and wait and wait. And often like Sarah and Abraham, we often get weary and create something very similar to Ishmael. And more than a few of us would testify to the grief those "Ishmaels" have brought into our lives.

I think of my life, especially this week, since it is a week of sentiment being the five year anniversary of the first Sweetea book I ever sold, and the journey that changed my life after. I see the times I traveled the same mountain over and over again creating Ishmaels taking His promises into my own hands to fulfill. I see the promises met too. Praise Him! And as I ponder those promises met, it gives new hope to those still holding on to.

And I wonder how many women have taken the power from the Father, and tried to handle matters their own way? And how many have drowned themselves in sorry over promises not yet met and found home in a pit without even knowing? And some that have become cynical and handed in those dreams.....speaking death....it might happen to her, but it could never happen for me?

I love when God speaks of our faith allowing us to move mountains and that nothing is impossible with Him. Nothing is impossible! I hear Nicole Mullen's "My Redeemer" playing in my room this morning and new hope arises! My Redeemer does live and I take hold to those promises that He has spoken to my heart and I pray I leak that hope to you today.

Father, rise up hope this day in our dreams. Restore and refresh our promises.  Allow us to trust in your timing and to turn in our Martha self and become Mary this day as we wait at your feet knowing that truly our greatest desire is finding delight in Your Presence!

I will have that baby! I will be married and have that family! I will get that position! I will go deeper! I will see my family restored! I will see abundance! I will see restitution! I will be healed! I will know love! I will see........ or do......or find..........!

But I will wait on You!

Today, I pray that He stirs in you that deep desire in your heart that is from Him and Him alone. I pray that He give you faith to stand on that desire. I pray that you see fruit of that promise! And, sweet friends, I love you!:) My heart overwhelmed that He could take a little one like me to speak into your life this morning is so grateful!!! Be blessed. Be Highly Favored. Find His Heart. Know His Love! There is nothing in this world that compares!!!!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings,