Lessons from a weekend away with Him

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 9.37.52 AMGood morning sweet friends, I had the most wonderful weekend with the most beautiful women of God in Michigan this past weekend. The sweet aroma of what He did there still lingers fresh as I sit to write you all. No doubt women all over this country are hungry, and they can even tolerate my Southern drawl to be led one step closer. Ha:) God is so good! He is always faithful to show up, and boy it feels to me like He did a little showing out this weekend touching lives like never before.  But of course, what do you expect when you step on to a property where the spirit lingers so heavily? What an amazing lineage of families that have fostered the presence to hover at SpringHill so that lives can be changed just by showing up.  (springhillcamps.com)  What a blessing!

As I reflect on the weekend and the many women that so touched my heart, and I embrace each message I have already received of what God is doing in their lives even this very day, my heart aches with this thought.....never forget what happens when you get to His feet. And if you never forget, you will always make it a priority to find them.  God used Jennie Simmons this weekend to lead us to the throne in worship, and He used me to deliver His heart, and He used the amazing property to host His presence, and the staff to fan the flame that He was igniting, but the truth is that the most important thing that happened was that each woman made it a priority to show up! They gave their weekend to spend seeking Him, and while they wore their colors proud for Ohio State and Michigan, for that weekend they became His fan. They came with a heart to encounter God. They came looking for Him to restore their soul. They came looking for freedom. And God honors our hearts, and our time at His feet. Always!

I say this to say that you don't need Jennie or I or Denise and her amazing staff to get you back to this place where you hear Him and feel Him and encounter Him. These events are amazing ways to ignite that flame, but the desire of your heart for More and your willingness to push Martha aside in your life and get at His feet will make that flame invade your bones and marrow and one day you will realize you are not who you use to be. Thank you Jesus that is good news!!! We must make space for Mary in a world that demands you become Martha or we will live just like we arrived.....worn out, weary, empty, and broken!

I so encourage women to plan a trip every year or even two trips where you know you can get away and hear from Him. It should be a priority not an option, and a number of women came because others provided their way, so know that He can get you there. If you were at SpringHill this weekend, you know what happened at His feet. If you have been to a weekend like this, you know what happens at His feet. Never forget, and when you become empty or overwhelmed or lonely, run to them.  If you want to be proactive from ever getting to a place of empty or overwhelmed or lonely, never leave them. Seek ye first His kingdom and all these things will be added......It is truth!

If you know not of this I speak, I so encourage you to open your calendar and find some space to get away with Him. Find a retreat or perhaps create your own with your closest friends and a cottage by the sea. Get in His presence and never underestimate the power of one night with only the King........for Esther a peasant girl became queen!

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Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro