God has this!

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.11.06 AMHello sweet friends, This  morning I was walking around our neighborhood enjoying our beautiful weather and trying to get my morning praise on. What a beautiful morning with a tad of a chill in the air....my favorite weather! I am extremely cold natured so just a hint of chill is perfect, but any colder and I am quivering.

It is the first time since we have moved that I have had the chance to really enjoy our new yard and it is truly lovely. So blessed that God has placed us here for this season, and today I decided to sit and pray amongst the trees. There was a hint of sunlight coming through and I could feel it on my back, and so I stayed taking it in for a little longer than usual. I made a little time to be "Mary" today at His feet, and in this moment He spoke and showed me something I must share.

I was looking forward and reflecting and being thankful, and I felt like He was saying ....Hope abides in the future. The anticipation of what God will do next and how He will show up brings HOPE, but yet too often we look back and when we do, we allow our past to steal our hope....... our joy. Sometimes we open just a crack unintentionally, and doubt creeps in to spoil what God has in store. As I sat soaking in this encouragement to step forward, I felt Him whispering .....I have this. I have your back. Forget the past. You can trust and move forward.  And for some crazy reason, I wondered what that look liked? What does it look like behind me in His eyes?  And so I took advantage of technology and I basically took a selfie to see the veiw:)  And though there was a hint of sunshine hitting my back, this is what I got......

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 11.09.09 AM

What freedom today to say, God Has This.......I can trust to step into what He has for me, and stop looking in the rear view mirror. The only time I think we really need to look back is to edify our spirit that He showed up so we know He will do it again!

One of the women this weekend sent me a message that she was creating a vision board from all of the words that spoke to her heart hope this weekend, and I love this idea of choosing to release past and hurt and take up Hope. To choose HOPE! To surrender our story to the perfect author and get to live His plan and purpose is not so much a moment of weakness, as it is a moment of realizing His power to make all things New!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro