Have you encountered Him in away that you can't contain it?

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 7.15.48 PMGood morning sweet friends, I was reading a verse from Matthew 9 yesterday about our faith producing fruit. May it be done to you according to your faith. You have probably heard this story of two blind men seeking for their site to be restored, and Jesus offering healing with the words.....may it be done to you according to your faith. Their faith healed them.

This little piece of text had my mind spinning with various thoughts.....

I began thinking what Grace it is that God seems to show favor even when our faith isn't up to par....certainly there have been times when I was stumbling in doubt yet saw his fruit. Thank you, Jesus! Times too when I have had to borrow from Him faith....I'm weak here, Papa, give me strength to believe. I began thinking too of how many times my doubt may have robbed me of promises......Oh ye of little faith. My life looking back has been much like a roller coaster of moments of audacious faith and moments of knees pleading give me faith! Do you feel the same?

Often when I seek the Word, I will start with a simple verse that strikes a cord, and then find myself diving into the text more fully. And often in the rest of the story, I find my treasure of revelation. And yesterday was one of those days:)

As you read chapter 9 verses 29 into verses 31, you see that the men are indeed healed, but it was so interesting to me that Jesus says to them not tell anyone what happened.

See that no one knows about this. (30)

Yet their joy can not be contained and it says that they went out and spread the news to everyone in the region. An encounter that could not be contained is something to ponder. And I began to think of Saul on a road that had an encounter too, and went from persecuting Christians to writing the New Testament, and then of Peter who was just a fisherman yet cast away his net to be a fisher of men after encountering the same man Jesus.

So the reality is that an encounter with Jesus should change us. It should not be containable. The joy and freedom and miracle of His reality should rock us to the core so that we can't help but share the good news.

I see in my own life years of being a "private" Christian, and then this moment when I could not longer contain it......it is real, there is more, don't miss Him! And I think of those that I encounter that admit to struggle with their faith, and the question becomes.....have you encountered Him? Have you encountered Him in a way that it has given you something to talk about? Have you encountered Him in a way that makes you thirst for MORE? Have you encountered Him in a way that you can't help but tell everyone in the region the good news?

Perhaps, we need to ask God for an encounter. An encounter that would change us forever. An encounter that would mark us never to be the same. An encounter that births  joy uncontainable.

And perhaps we could be willing to do our part.....seek me with your whole heart and I will be found! Jeremiah 29: 13

Sweet friends, could this season be a season of seeking like we have never before?  A season that would mark our lives to never be the same.

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro