What happens when we choose to take up an attitude of gratitude?

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 12.56.16 PMHello Sweet Friends, Can I fess up that I just blew it this morning?

I have just returned from an amazing weekend in Greenville, South Carolina with the women of Allume and I’m wired up, fired up and jacked up for Jesus like never before, if you can imagine that?:) But as usual, I am notorious for living on this mountain high until my body hits a wall of exhaustion, and I become prey to everything falling apart. You must know that when we are tired, we become easy prey...if not, trust me on this one!

So as you can imagine my morning was one of those morning that would have been perfectly set for a reality TV series. I have a preteen girl and twin 7 year old boys - need I say more?

The stage was set with me drying Holland Rose’s school shirt - on accident, I promise- and the image I have is hands on hips with head tilt saying mom I look like I have on Jackson’s shirt? Her expression clearly stated it was not as funny to her as it was to me that her shirt was 2 sizes too small. I am then distracted by the yelling in the background as the boys come barreling in the kitchen convinced a mouse is in their bedroom. Inspector mom finds the patter of squirrel feet running across the roof to be the culprit, but they assure me they will never ever sleep in their room again and are now moving in with me:) We finally get off for school, and realize the boys have no school bags because they are in my mother’s car…..too little time and too far away to get bags and make the bell so, of course, they panic....will we lose recess???? Too finish off the chaos,  the boys find a balloon in the car that they proceed to bounce off of my head the whole way to school until finally I grab it - not so Jesus like - and shove it under my feet until it floats in the way of my break and I am then forced to make a NASCAR move to keep from wrecking. Thank the Lord they weren't in the car for that one! I wish I could say that I emulated Jesus navigating through the morning with the same spirit that I arrived home with yesterday, but can I testify….I blew it!

There are days like this that usually spiral into that day that never ends with it getting only worse with each pressing moment. But today, I said, NO MORE!  How do you shift an atmosphere of stress and chaos and blame and prevent that melt down? I ponder the question.....and I remember this woman from this weekend whose words I have come over the years to cherish, Ann Voskamp, and I hear Eucharisto. Give thanks! Give thanks even when it seems impossible to give thanks and so I did…...

Thank you, Papa, that we have clothes, even if I shrink them.

And thank you, Papa, that Old Navy had a sale today and free shipping, so I could order some more:) Thank you, Papa, for this home that protects us, even if it has mice or squirrels and my children are running crazy through it. Thank you for that sound of children and the gift of them and thank you for this home that is more than enough!

Thank you, Papa,  for the energy of my children and that they are healthy and so much full of life even when they pound my head with balloons and such, because there are far too many women that would give anything to be me this morning drowning in the chaos of children. Thank you for these precious angels, and Papa next time let my gratitude be the thing that  leaks on to them, rather than my “I’ve had enough” spirit! Thank you, Papa, that you aren't finished with me yet!

I can tell you this from my crazy day of gratitude that it worked! He says, "Be thankful!," because He knows all things and He knows the power of an attitude of gratitude. I started this blog almost two years ago on a quest to make seeking the face of God a habit....21 days!

With Thanksgiving upon us, what a perfect time to make gratitude our habit! How about we do this together? Can you for the next 21 days choose to take up gratitude? I dare you.....

Might I recommend Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts to partake in this season of Eucharisto. I am grateful for you.........everyday!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro