Do you have a life message?

  pinmoreGood morning sweet friends,

After hearing so many amazing messages this weekend at Allume, I began to notice that most women had a life message that seemed focused on one desire.....

To make known the power of Eucharisto (thanks) or to make known that He is real or He is LOVE or to lead women to help them find what makes them come ALIVE. Some passions weren't always spiritual like the DIY mom or the organic woman or power of art, but it continued with a very easily identifiable heart passion. And I have so many......:)

So I began to think about my own life and my message and if someone looked at me or heard me or read what I wrote what would be the one identifiable passion that I would hope to leave behind or the desire that I would hope to call forth? It was something to ponder......

Do you have a message? A passion? A heart desire to be made known?

One thing that was consistent this weekend was the heart of so many writers and speakers that shared this same initial desire, not to be known in the social media world or known by Facebook likes, but a heart to see others set free or others find healing or lost to come home or to reignite life. Most often that passion came from women who walked through something and decided to walk with others through something they would never again choose to walk alone. I will admit that I have received a few of those emails that no one wants to get .....the one that says who do you think you are to share your life on the web or do you think you are better than me? At times, those messages gripped me and almost caused me to stop, but it would never fail that for that one I would receive many more saying thank you for your transparency....thank you, because today I needed to hear this and even once....I was so close to thinking it was time to end the pain. And for those it is worth the few that make me lose my appetite. So I continue on to share, and to be honest, it isn't all that easy to share your life so freely for the world to see, especially the parts you would rather forget yourself. Amen?

So what is the root of my desire to share in search for my message? Because I knew the pain of bondage intimately and perhaps my sharing liberates another, and leads them to MORE. Because I made a promise that if I could live, I would spread His word, and I do. Because He has given me a heart desire to bring people together from all walks, colors, and denominations because there is power in unity, and I have seen it. Because when you find His love, the taste of it truly, it can not be contained, and the more you press in to it, you find that it begins to leak. As I think of all these whys I camp here to say.....this is it....if there is only ONE thing you can take from my heart it would be to create a desire for MORE, so that women would seek this LOVE that leaks and begin leaking the love of God to a hurting world.

Girlfriends, sometimes we make things so complicated. It must be in the DNA of a woman  to see just how complicated she can make everything in her life - you know what I mean:) And even spiritually we do it; we get lost in scripture to the point that it too can become bondage and overwhelming trying to live it all out, but He says the greatest is love. Love me and love others. So the answer to living the perfect will would be to know love that leaks or that is my way of saying Love Him Deeply, Holy, Wholly, Purely, Soley and when you do, it will begin to leak so that you even have the capacity to love others. Could it be that you wouldn't have to speak, because people could feel love just being in your presence or feeling your touch or looking into your face and notice that it is radiant with love?

In part, I share this to love that leaks, but also to say what will your life speak to others? What would you like for it to speak? What do you do know so that it does?

A thought to ponder........

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro