Today will you wear your crown?

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 4.00.11 PMGood Morning Sweet Friends, My friend Carrie and I were leaving Charlotte airport Sunday heading home when we noticed a young woman near our gate carrying a crown. I have never seen such a display of royalty. An elaborately bejeweled crown sitting upon a pillow encased in glass for all to see. Yes, I wondered who she might be, as we all did, especially since her appearance wasn't what one might expect of royalty with her backpack and boots. Then a woman approaches her when the question that could no longer be contained to find that it was indeed Miss Mississippi:)

I looked at Carrie and said, You know this may be a new way of sharing the Gospel? Can you imagine us parading through malls and airports and parks with our own glassed-in tiara displayed so enticing in hopes that someone will ask......who are you? That we might could reply.....well, I am the daughter of the King. Do you not know? Have you not found your own tiara?

Wouldn't that be fun? Or to teach our girls when they are little that they are not Cinderella, but indeed a princess no less, and to actually encourage them to adorn themselves with the most obnoxious tiaras we could find just in case some other child might ask....who are you and she too can reply....I am the daughter of the King!

It blesses my heart to think of it:) And I think of Miss Mississippi, a beautiful young girl, standing there in the airport with her everyday attire and boots and back pack, and think that in a moment she too will be transformed into a queen of sorts. In a moment, she will exude royalty.

And it reminds me of Esther and how in one day she entered the palace as a peasant girl, but in a moment she becomes the queen. The transformation that happens when one everyday girl encounters the King.  And we try so hard in our own strength to change or to be different or to start anew, and it so often fails, but how quickly the change can happen when we decide to bow down and accept the crown that has always been ours to be worn? We are royalty!

I think of the words of St Therese that I treasure so....

The good God does not need years to accomplish His work of love in a soul; one ray from His heart can, in an instant, make His flower bloom for eternity.  

Today, I pray sweet friends  that the good God does a work in you. I pray that you pass a mirror today and stop to behold the crown  upon your head. May you walk head held high today, believing who you are despite of where you have been. May you hear His whisper....You are beautiful! You are mine! My thoughts of you you can not fathom! May today be the day that it seeps into your marrow and you awaken to your destiny of royalty!

May your weekend be blessed!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, Ro