Believing God For Something Only He Could Do

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 4.15.47 PMHello Sweet Friends, So Monday marked a first for me.....I was all packed up and beginning my travels to Georgia/ Tennessee area for a few days to speak when I received a pressing call from the woman who handles my events to say that my contract had the wrong date, and I was actually speaking the following Tuesday. My immediate reaction was Thank You Jesus I wasn't halfway to Knoxville, but it was quickly followed by a little panic of juggling the appointments along the way and my schedule the following week to accommodate such a long trip knowing I had an already booked week. Of course, it all worked out fine, and I see everything as having purpose, so I began wondering if there could be a purpose to the delay?

What came to my heart almost immediately was perhaps God wasn't finished with the message for those women that I thought was to be shared last night....something was missing? Perhaps? The message on my heart was about believing God. Do we truly believe in His goodness? Do we believe He will answer? Do we believe He hears? Do we believe in His power in our lives? Do we believe that He is faithful? Do we believe that we are worthy? Do we believe that He could change our lives in one call? Do we believe that we are but a vapor here, but it has eternal impact? Do we believe in the power of the cross? Do we believe we are His, heirs, His babies? And how that deep rooted belief would change the way we saw we handle storms or heart breaks or the accumulation of "things" or the release of others or what we allow in our lives and what we keep out and certainly who we saw when stopped in front of a mirror?

So yesterday morning, I awoke feeling that He wanted to give some power to my testimony on believing God now that I have a week to continue to let Him speak into their message. So I started believing God for something big.....something to happen by next Tuesday night that would say, "Wow, My God is something! He doesn't just show up, but He shows out for His girls." A real powerful testimony that would remove doubt and fear from anyone that received it. Wouldn't that be something? Wouldn't you love that? In just one week for something to happen in your life that would completely reverse whatever it was that pulls at your heart. To see God move in your life in such a mighty way, so that you could only say, "It was Him!" No denying the author of your story, because He stepped in with divine ink to make His mark that would indeed mark you for eternity.

So I share this with you to say, will you join me? Could you be transparent with Him, because truthfully He already knows, and believe for His goodness to invade your life? Could you believe for something impossible? Sometimes we don't put our dreams and desires out for Him, for fear He won't show up, but what if He did? Could you do something in my life this very week, Papa? He stands at the door waiting to hear....I need you! 

I am praying that He does a new thing this week in your life! And mine:) Amen!

Seek. Love. Follow.