Awaken your childhood dreams.....

girls pinky-1Hello Sweet Friends,

I had to share these precious angels that so touched my heart this weekend in a little town in Louisiana. As much as I love sharing the Word of God with women, it so touches my heart to stop along the way to plant some hope in the dreams of our lil' Sweeteas.

And sometimes that heart that is touched most is mine.

The conversation was budding of what each would be when they "grow up," and as one might expect we heard the familiar words.....doctors, nurses, teachers, and of course, a princess. However, I was a little surprised by our precious purple diva in the front who proclaimed her heart desire was to be a Nascar driver, because of course, she was in fact already a princess:) It tickled me so, and delighted me just the same, because she gets it.....childlike faith is priceless! The hopes and dreams of little girls brings joy to one's heart. The fun of putting on dresses and hats and pearls and holding out pinkies to sip tea on a special night just for you is indeed good for the soul! Why don't we do it more often? Why don't we laugh and dress up and dream anymore?

As I pondered their hearts and faces as I left, I remembered my childhood desire to tell stories. Oh how I loved to tell stories....a drama queen indeed! I would come aglow at the opportunity to have my moment to spill my heart in front of even one or a dozen.  I wanted desperately to sing, and I tried for years until I realized that my rendition of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" wasn't causing sunshine for anyone in my presence. Laughter, perhaps? So I thus began my life as a story teller, and with big eyes and lots of gestures I found my place sharing my heart. I came alive.

And then I became a woman who thought it childish to live in such fairytale mentality of living your dreams, and opted for the "real world" with suits and computers and spread sheets. A life that for an "artsy" soul was more like death. Yet, it is what you do when you "grow up," so I did!

I have been reading "A Million Little Ways" by Emily Freeman and I have enjoyed it immensely. I recommend it if you are seeking to find yourself amidst all that you are "suppose to be." She shares my sentiment that we are fooling ourselves if we can seek to live fully leaving behind the desires of our hearts....desires even prophesied as little girls.

There is a reason that those desires were birthed, and perhaps we should stop thinking it so foolish to ignore them and to begin to follow them.

He said,

I have come to give you life. Life in the Full! John 10:10

So why are so many women empty? Why don't we feel alive?

Perhaps because we lost the essence of a little girl with big dreams?

Perhaps we need to return to her? And find that she holds the key to coming alive?

As this week unfolds, will you make space to revisit those places that are just waiting to be awakened? I dare you!

Seek. Love. Follow.