The key to freedom comes by.......

photo-7Hello Sweet Friends, I have spent much of this week on the road traveling from city to city.....even state to state. I love the road as crazy as it seems. It is often my sacred space because I am limited on what I can do, so I do what I love ....worship and listen and catch up with friends.

And with so much road time, He has surely spoken into my life this week, especially after a week of both witnessing and partaking in what God is doing in women in this very moment.

Monday, I had the privilege of attending the Grove in Atlanta at Passion City. I watched hundreds of women worship and praise passionately and with pure abandon, and I beheld tears of joy over freedom as Beth Redman was transparent with us all. A night of setting captives FREE! And then as I hit the unexpected cold weather of Tennessee (20 degrees...yikes!) with my own story of transparency, and I got to be a part of tears of freedom from a different angle. I saw a life used to bring hope of freedom, and then I got to be that life used.  And He uses us all if we are willing to take off the mask and say "yes, I'm willing to get "naked" for the sake of your healing!"  And then the theme continued last night in Auburn, Alabama at Restoration Church where we got to be transparent with hopes of true, genuine restoration for men and women. And I saw that too! Beauty from ashes!

And the truth is that this is the beauty of transparency.......when we can get "naked" with people about our own struggles and then share our victories over them through Jesus, we allow others to bare souls with us. To take the hidden thing that binds them and bring it forth to the light. And then they too get victory. Freedom!

We pondered this verse as we drove seven hours yesterday.....Confess one to another so that you may be healed. We have heard this verse and most of us can quote this one by heart, but do we get it? Do we truly get the power of confession?

The Lord has been speaking to me about this verse and the need to share it. You see, I have seen people destroyed because they want to hide a struggle. A struggle that may even start out to be a seed, but left untouched begins to blossom something very dangerous to the soul. Leaving a foothold of darkness it erodes lives. But when we speak it to another, it exposes the darkness to the light. And once exposed, it loses it's grip on us.

As I ponder this thought,  I too see this in my own life. The power to speak out that thing that seems to hold me, brings forth the relief that I am no longer carrying this "thing" alone....nothing hidden. The light always wins!!!!!

So today, I encourage you and plead with you to go to one that you trust and expose the one thing that you hang on too. The thing gripping you must go! It is time sweet friends to get FREE, and nothing is worth holding on to that will keep you from freedom. There is power in confession. I dare you to trust me on this one! Exposing darkness to light can, even in an instant, bring healing!!! Aren't you ready to be free?  I will even offer this....if you have no one you can trust with you "thing", you can proclaim it over your voice memo and email it to me, and I will pray for your healing because He says....

Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of the righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16

We often take the second part of this verse and quote it....the prayers of righteous are powerful, but it is truly tied to the power of confession and the power of our prayers one to another to bring healing. And according to Abraham, his faith counted him as righteous, so believe in the power of your prayers of healing and offer them one to another. It is time to remove the mask and get real, so that we can live a life worthy of our calling!

I dare you!

Seek. Love. Follow.