Taking hold of FEAR!

pinfreedomCan I be honest and admit that I have wrestled with fear based faith for most of my life? Maybe it will free you up too, if you have battled the same?

I was imprisoned by the mentality that you must do and be to earn this mansion in glory, and according to my little tally sheet I was working on one obnoxiously bedazzled dwelling place. And like a little girl jumping over cracks to prevent from "breakin’ momma’s back," I did and served just the same my God from fear. Fear of disappointing Him. Fear of misstepping. Fear of not living up. Fear of not being perfect enough.   Forget the God has this mantra….I Have This! I am woman hear me roar! Right? If we aren’t careful, we can all find ourselves saved, but enslaved to this disease called fear.

What a relief to finally partake in the truth that perfect love cast out fear! No fear to perform or to be more or that I might fall short or disappoint. The freedom to abide and dwell just because He is love, and I am a reflection of that love. Whew!!! Can I kiss the feet of Jesus for that sigh of relief? And He says not only does His perfect love cast it out, but if I am still living in fear then I am missing the perfection of His love in me that He desires. There is more........

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

I wonder what you fear?

For so long, I lived with the fear of disappointing God. Am I not living up? Did I make too big of a mess? Did I miss the path? Did I blow it with my kids today or my parents or my man or this stranger at Walmart that was unloading 40 plus items in the 20 or less line?

Fear of making the wrong choices. Why didn’t I stand? Or for the love of Jesus run? Or say No or say Yes?

Fear of Him not showing up. So I settled for a small God who would show up in ways that felt safe and kept everyone around me comfortable. Heaven forbid I pray for something so bold it seems crazy, and I am ultimately the one who looks foolish. Unfortunately, too many years of playing it safe kept me from ever encountering the God of the Impossible.

Fear of being out of His will and missing my calling. Paralyzed to be perfect and lead others to perfection, so that we didn't miss Him, I ultimately missed it all:)

I believe it was Graham Cooke who said that God cares more about who we are becoming that what we do. Perhaps we worry so much about the will of God that we miss God himself and the work He is performing in this internal castle we call our souls? I can certainly testify to the number of times I was paralyzed with indecision, because I feared missing the will of God. And some days I still struggle with this and cling to..... Perfect love cast out fear!

Regardless the root of our fear, fear is not of God. And fear keeps us from the life of fullness He promised. It steals our joy, births anxiousness, robs our peace, causes us to settle or cling to other things, and it could be the one thing standing between our blessings and our freedom. So what do we do?

We call out to the one who can divinely deliver us from fear, and we commit to the daily devotion of walking in the light of Jesus. The more we step out into places that once caused us to fear, fear loses it's grip on us. Not only does it lose it's grip, but you may find that your greatest places of joy will come from the very thing you once feared! I can testify to this:)

You may even get really wild and crazy and offer up a prayer like I did seven years ago to give me an idea to change my life, and you may find that He answers, and that one moment of unabashed faith changes your life forever!

Set me free from FEAR! I want MORE!

Seek. Love. Follow. Ro

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