A day to breath in and let your soul be refreshed

prayer roomHello Sweet Friends, I have been succumbing to my guilty pleasure today....Pinterest! Oh, how time gets a way when I'm redecorating my home, dreaming of my little writing place, stirring every hunger pain in my belly, envisioning myself with completely different hair that has curls and braids like a fairytale princess, slipping into shoes and jeans that would make my twelve year old cringe at the thought of her mom being "hip" and then filling my soul up with words of life and love and all in one place. Is it okay to say thank you Jesus for the woman who invented Pinterest, because some days it brings me such joy;) ? Oh the little things that rub the soul......

And I think it is important that we make space for those things that deposit that spirit of joy into our souls. And part of the joy of Pinterest, I think, is that it gives us something to look forward to. Hmmmm....thanksgiving is coming so I'll try this apple sweet potato souffle (yum! yum!), or how precious would this old desk look if I whipped up some chalk paint and put a splash of color in my room, or these DIY infinity scarves would make great Christmas gifts and a fun weekend project, or how long would painting acorns keep my ever so lively twins still?  Even something little to look forward to, perhaps, offers great refreshment to the soul?

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I always encourage women that are struggling with loss or their path or their place or loneliness to make a list of things they would look forward to doing or always wanted to, and start filling their calendars. It does a heart good to know that something that brings joy is sitting out there to be partaken in.  And it becomes more than just a thought passing, it becomes a commitment....

I will take that weekend retreat and I will go all by myself.  Or audition for that part or position. Or learn Italian because I am going to Italy not just dreaming of it. I will commit to a foreign mission trip. Opening my home for women's Bible study. Or take that dancing class or learn to sew. Or remodel my kitchen, because I love to cook and I want to love that space. I'm going to zip line or see the Grand Canyon. Take a photography class. Write that article and actually send it to the paper or magazine. White water raft and have a picnic in the park with girls. Have my girlfriends over and all wear matching pjs and watch movies all night like we are still little girls (we did this and it was fun;) Dance in the rain. Travel to New York and have ice cream at Serendipity! I will make memories:)

Is your mind spinning with your own list now? What have you longed to do? What have you put off? What would you do for pure fun, if you weren't so guilty about indulging for yourself? What does that weary heart need to come alive?

I have many precious friends that enter the holiday season single, and I know how this nudges our heart strings as women, because I have spent many holidays over the past seven years wearing that weary I dread the holiday's face. I can remember hanging Christmas lights outside of our  home the first year after my divorce, and the poor man down the street pulled in because he saw in passing me wiping away tears. Girlfriend, I know holiday weariness. It was the same season that Eat Pray Love was released and I remember wanting so desperately to be her. To have space (and money) to find myself and go and see and be anything my broken lil' heart wanted to be.  Don't we all wish we had the luxury? Could we be so fortunate to spend a year deciding who we really are and what God has planted in us and getting refueled to step forward with clarity and wisdom and confidence that we are enough? I think of Julia Roberts in another role,the Runaway Bride, and after going through her slew of men and proposals, she stopped to make time to see just how she liked her eggs.  How did she like her eggs apart from the men in her life and their desires?

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 9.46.29 AMIt was so simple but yet so very significant. Julia stopped to say, this is not how my story will end, and she navigated through who she was to reignite that spark that was lost amidst being who ever one else wanted her to be. She ends her story fully alive living from her passion, and yes with her man:) The right one:)

Women who are fully alive are dangerous;) Dangerous to the enemy, because when we come alive we can't help but bring others with us. The wonder of what is happening in our lives becomes a magnet for others.

I think we need to stop and dream a little and enlarge our vision for our lives. A necessity to make space for our souls to breathe. I think we need to wake up with purpose and stop settling for "if" and "when" and choose now to live differently more abundantly from the wonder of the most amazing God that has gifted us each with spiritual blessings to impart on a dried out world!

I suppose it is up to you. Keep doing the same thing over and over, or decide this is not how my story will end. I will live for MORE!

Seek. Love. Follow.