Be thankful, because someone would gladly take your place

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 7.30.29 AMHello Sweet Friends, It is hard not to be encouraged this week as you see post and reminders everywhere to be thankful. Even amidst our cold and wet weather here, you can still find a heart of gratitude as you plan out the family and old friends coming home, because isn't that one of the greatest blessings of all, to have those you love near?

Unfortunately, for some this time of the year brings tears of sorrow, of loss, or pain or even regret. I recall a number of faces over the past month of traveling that will be having their first Thanksgiving as single women or single mothers or widows, and that is hard. I have loved on many who lost those they loved wholly this year, and that too will be hard. Even in our community, we have seen much loss the past few months. Children to car accidents. One of my dearest friends lost her precious mom, and one of my youth (and her 4 siblings) lost their dad after loosing their mother six months ago, and our community and a slew of grandchildren lost a great man just a few weeks back. Let's be honest, for some being thankful will not come easily this week.

I saw and even posted on my facebook page this morning the very thing you take for granted is what someone else is praying for..... another moment, another hug, another smile, another thanksgiving or Christmas picture, a child, a spouse, a home, a job. And we get so easily distracted by outside voices running through our home, and the pile of laundry and trying to juggle schedules to make it all work out so that no one is offended. Right? But could would stop and be thankful even amidst chaos?

I suppose today you have needs as I have needs, and they may seem impossible even, but may God remind us of the blessings that we take for granted. A roof over our heads in the midst of this rain when there are children that have no home. Warmth for our bodies when there are those without coats.  Hugs and kisses from those we love, while some feel unlovable. More memories to be made while some feel all alone. But could we do more than just be thankful.......

Could we not just say we will pray, but rather be there for those who don't feel overly joyous when the holidays creep upon them? Could we reach out and love on them? Could we serve them? Could we call them? Could we stop all the "fixing" and be present? Could we invite them over?

I know for the longest time we wore WWJD bracelets, and I remember someone saying one day, stop asking the question What would Jesus do? and start doing it. The heart of Jesus pursued those hurting, lost and broken, so perhaps we should start living as Christians not just say we are? Perhaps?

I pray over this week, you will still your heart to hear that whisper of where He is calling you to serve, and follow Him! There is truly a difference in serving from obligation verses out of a heart of love.  May you see the difference this week, and may it touch you forever!

May we be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who desperately need You this week!

Seek. Love. Follow.

In His Wings, RO