A poem to bless you!

justinbelieveGood morning my friends,

I wrote this poem earlier this year, and today I felt led to share it with you. It speaks to the power of the Word, the power of the obedience and the blessings of those who live as they believe. May it bless you today:)

I have treasured in my heart sharing the Secret of the Pearls, With mothers and grandmothers and the most precious little girls. The wisdom of pearls passed to a little girl from her mother. The beauty it beholds and the rarity like no other. The pearl speaks to us new life birthed from friction, And how with death to ourselves our lives could then glisten.

But this morning I woke with a heart overwhelmed, Embracing the secrets He speaks to us, as well. You see, we spend so much of life chained trying to break free Not realizing laying on our night stand is the only key.

The power of His word is not understood, And certainly not encountered as often as it should. Yet it offers the truth that gives us the full life That was paid for on a tree teaching us love is sacrifice.

Yet we too often forget and seek to find our own path, And we forsake His rules and run from His wrath. While at the door He waits just the same, Knees bent whispering, “Just call out my NAME!”

When we find His love, and we find His true heart, We see His rules are nothing more than His way of setting us apart. Apart from what steals our joy and breaks us down. Apart from the catalyst to doubt and rejection that our minds often allow to get bound.

I know it’s hard to fathom this majesty of His Word. It’s like fishing for adjectives to describe the depth of His Love. In the same breath, this Word drawn like a sword makes enemies flee, But with lovingkindness wraps around us speaking comfort to thee. It becomes our map, when we have lost our way, And our shield of faith when to fear we fall prey. I have often fallen into the trap of being a “good Bible study girl,” And often relied on wisdom found in other people’s pearls. And while it is so vital to plug in in many ways, It is no substitute for what He has to say.

His Word alive and active speaks afresh to our need. It will not be returned void, but a promise it will heed. It commands the angels when spoken aloud, And raises up the humble and cast down the proud.

It is the only WORD He promises He will preserve, And offers forgiveness even when far greater punishment is deserved. But what I love most is when you see it on a face, Of one who has found the secret of it’s internal embrace.

I know there are some who still don’t understand this I speak, So I give you this promise what you sow, you will reap! You’ll never reap a harvest without planting the seeds That bring forth the fruit and remove all the weeds. He says apart from me you can do not one thing, But if you remain in my Word you will remain in me. Your life will be prolific when the season is due, And His crown of glory He holds waiting just for you.

A crown indeed! You are the child of a King, And He gives abundantly to those who live like they believe. So many have missed Him claiming He is a God to fear, When in truth His wings are opened praying, “Will you draw near?” Yes, He has motive, but it’s root we have missed Was to ransom your heart and call you His blessed, For you to turn unveiled radiating His light, To Armor up fully with confidence this is His battle to fight. To see the truth that you are heirs to His throne, That He is your ROCK, and you need Him ALONE.

And when finally you surrender and choose to run His race, You will harvest the fruit of His redeeming GRACE. You will finally experience his indescribable love And receive the inheritance of those whose love calls them to serve. You see the reward is not simply for those who just believed But for those who saw need to continuously plant more seeds. This inheritance promises blessing and mercy and life. The gift of His angel encamped by your side He says He will show himself to those that love and obey, And descend to your home and forever will stay. Is there anything more that your heart would desire Than to see the face of the one who set your heart on fire!

The secret I have relished most these past few days Is the gift of obedience to manifest His love in new ways. He says, my love is made complete as you obey. And as hard as it seems, it’s worth giving your life away.

And I know that His plans are greater than we can see or conceive And a promise land waits for those of you who choose to