What if you had One Month To Live?

pintoliveHello Sweet Friends, The preciousness of time has certainly been on my heart the past week after my children unexpectedly lost their grandfather. I am not even sure the word unexpected does it justice. Time is but a vapor, indeed.

One of the hardest things about losing someone so unexpectedly is that you don't get to say all that needs to be said or do all that needs to be done. A loved one taken in a moment tends to leave things undone, so to speak. I'm sure many of you know this I speak. Regret lingers.

With my heart already stirring with the thought of the preciousness of time, I was introduced to a book titled One Month To Live; Thirty Days to a No Regret Life by Kerry and Chris Shook. How timely? I begin to ponder this thought of what I would do if I had only one month to live? I'm sure your mind is spinning now, because wouldn't we all do it differently if we knew the final hours were near?

I would certainly be more intentional about touching more lives and loving more and holding our babies and my husband more. I would worry less and make sure all words were spoken. I would stop more and behold more and dance more and laugh more. I would hold tighter. I would worry less about my bank account and more about giving all that I had away. I would pour in every bit of the Word I could into my babies so that I had planted every seed I could.  I would be more thankful. I would pray without ceasing for those left behind. I would do little acts of love for those I love as often as I could. The list goes on and on ......... So funny how we get lost in our own needs daily, but in the moment of leaving, we want to give ourselves away? Or perhaps that too is selfishly rooted in the attempt to be remembered differently? Something to ponder.....

So I wonder what you would do if you were given thirty days to live?

Would you take more time for those that matter most? Would you stop to behold a sunrise or a sunset?

Who would you forgive?

Would you seek to talk to the one you meet at the end of that thirty days more?

Would you stop and smell the roses? Slow down?

Would you make peace with anyone?

Would you laugh more or love more?

What would you give away? Release? Hold on to?

Would you do something that seemed completely out of character, but was the desire of your heart?

Would you worry less about the state of your bank account and more about the condition of your heart?

Would you seek to bring joy into the lives of others, even strangers?

Would you be kinder with your words?

Where would you go?

It gets you thinking doesn't it? I suppose the question becomes why don't we live like this everyday, because in truth we may not even have thirty, and this past week has certainly showed me that you just never know when your time here has expired, and those left behind are never quite prepared to let go.

We plan to take the challenge to live as if we only had one month to live, and I dare you to join us!


In His Wings, Ro