Words of 2013 That Made Me Wonder???

pinfreedomHello Sweet Friends,

As the year comes to an end, I can't help but think back on what this year has been for me. A year of change and radical faith and scandalous grace. I have fallen asleep with “I need you Lord” echoing from my speakers on more nights than I would rather admit, but have also experienced the greatest heights of my faith boldly proclaiming the words of one of my favorite worship songs “Oceans Deep."

Spirit lead me where my trust has no borders let me walk upon the waters where ever you would call me.

I have stood where I never thought I could, and spoken more bolder than I ever dreamed I would. And the moment came when I thought I may have missed Him, but He showed up in the most unexpected way. He awakened me to the hard truth that I was misplacing my hope, but lovingly reeled me back in to His arms where those that Hope in Him are never disappointed.  It was certainly a year of rewiring my theology. A year of learning Grace! A year of redemption. A year to BELIEVE!

I spent some time looking back at notes and journals through the year, and saw many quotes or words spoken that caused me to stop and sit and readjust. Some of these I would like to share with you today, in hopes that maybe even one would stir you the same.  I call them

Words that made me Wonder.

First, I love 2 Corinthians 3:17 ,Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, and at times I wondered then "why don't I feel free?", but I think Eddie James nailed it....when the Spirit becomes Lord comes true freedom. Amen!

Where the Spirit IS Lord there is freedom. Eddie James, Worship Leader

How can you worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday? Shane Claiborne

This one altered my vision to see Jesus in others, especially the least expected. Conviction.

Christianity is not so much about what we’ve done, but rather about who we are becoming. Perry Nobles

Perhaps this is why God says to "Be still and Know He is God," because it is in the stillness  that He does His finest work in us, rather than our crazy hectic lives striving to transform everything on the outside?  Who am I becoming?

The thing you take for granted someone else is praying for.

Stop and Be grateful!

No one ever got saved from being judged. Graham Cooke

It isn't judgement that wins to the Kingdom, but love. So love scandalously!

I can’t imagine anything more dangerous to the enemy of our hearts than people who know who they are. Emily Freeman “A Million Little Ways”

No wonder we stay under attack, because when we truly get this...... game is over for him.

Girls rival each other, but real women revive each other. Ann Voskamp, Allume Conference

The theme of unifying women was on my heart before I attended Allume and she confirmed it. Women coming together would be powerful beyond measure.

Seek the heart of the King, not the splendor of the kingdom. Lessons from Esther. Tommy Tenney

Conviction. Don't get distracted by the blessings and forget the heart of the blessor!

Some people find themselves in storms because they have allowed the wrong people on their boat. (Lessons from Jonah) Rich Wilkerson @ Forward Conference

Some had to get off of my boat. Hard. Freeing!

There is no door so dark and scandalous that Jesus is unwilling to enter in order to make Himself one person’s exit. Beth Moore

So why am I?

Shane Claiborne in Irresistible Revolution speaks to the concern of many of why God would allow 2/3 rds of the world to go hungry, but perhaps He poses that when we meet Him in heaven that God would ask us....... why would we?

Are we offering up too many prayers for God to show up, when He truly calls us to be the hands and feet of Jesus? This sent me on a roller coaster and sleepless nights trying to solve global issues, but convicted me to be willing to stop complaining and start doing something about it.

If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live. Perry Nobles “Unleash”

Allow other people's past to die, as well, so they may live!

Just a taste of the year for me touched and molded by the wisdom or thoughts of others. I wonder what words touched your life most this year?

Will you share with us?

Seek. Love. Follow.