Hope for 2014, Do you need it?

pinimdoingnew See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

Hello Sweet Friends,

The new year is upon us, and I have so much to share with what God is stirring in me. It seems the words of Isaiah stay constant in my soul.....He is doing something new!!!

Does it stir some hope in your soul today to hear it? Could this be your year? Does it make your heart flutter just a little at the thought? It does mine:) He is doing something new....I feel it!

With such a feeling of anticipation for what this year brings, we began to seek the Lord and search scripture for significance to the number fourteen. And what we felt He spoke to us, I have to share, because it is so good!  We were led to the story of Jacob and Rachel. A story many of you may recall of the man that from birth was wrestling to obtain his father's blessing. A blessing he did later receive, but only after he and his mother plotted to deceive his father and rob is brother Esau of that very blessing. As it turns out, Jacob would end up fleeing his father's home despite receiving the blessing in fear of his brother Esau. It didn't turn out to be much of a blessing for Jacob.

As with most good stories, the element of romance enters when Jacob meets Rachel. He is taken by her beauty and seeks her hand in marriage. However, he is told that he would have to earn Rachel's hand by working seven years for her father. All I can say is that she must have been some kind of woman, right? We are so impatient today, can you even imagine spending a year working to earn your love much less seven? Even worse in the moment where you think your time has finally come, can you imagine being deceived as Jacob was? If you have missed this story, it runs close to the modern day drama where the father switches daughters the night of the wedding, and the morning to follow Jacob realizes he has made covenant with the less desirable sister rather than his beloved Rachel.  It seems that Jacob is returned the injustice of his former days when he stepped in and took his brother's promise, and if we are honest, some of us, like Jacob, have delayed blessings reaping what we ourselves have sown, right?

The story continues as Jacob pleads for the hand of Rachel, but is required another seven years of service to the father. And he agrees and serves for the promise of his great love. So after fourteen years, Jacob receives the promise of his beloved Rachel.

Could 2014 be our year of promises received just like Jacob? Could it be the year of double portion for us? If seven is the number of perfection and completion, then fourteen would be double perfection and completion. Double portion, perhaps?

I think there are far too many of us that have been circling around the same mountain for far too long. Some may have given up on a dream or promise, because it has taken longer than expected to see fruit, but could this be the year that dreams and promises are re-birthed and fulfilled? Could it be that the child you are praying for comes home this year? Or the financial burden is relieved? Or the relationship restored? Or the ministry that is birthed in your heart is fulfilled? Or the position finally comes? Or the husband promised? Or the baby? Or the vision becomes reality?

I believe this is a year that God will do a new thing....something our hearts have longed for and waited for and prayed for. Can you believe for it? Will you? Life and death are in the power of our tongues, and it is a year to profess and pronounce the blessings over our lives. He is doing a new thing! Don't miss it!

In His Wings, Ro