An Absolute Need to Have An Impossible Dream

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.58.54 AMThere is an absolute need to have an impossible word in your heart.

Bill Johnson

Hello Sweet Friends,

I am the master multi-tasker:) Or perhaps I'm ADD, but either way I am always trying to make the most of my time. Seriously, what woman could do it all if she didn't, right? So I typically listen to one of my favorite teachers or put on praise music as I am cleaning or trying my best to organize (I'm creative type which means organizing is a struggle for me:) or even doing taxes. Sometimes I will play the same message over and over because I'm catching pieces while I'm not fully focused, and last night was one of those nights. So as I replayed the words of Bill Johnson, I kept hearing.....

There is an absolute need to have an impossible word in your heart.

There was no question the words were for me, because though I was lost in receipts doing my taxes, I always stopped to hang on to those words.......

There is an absolute need to have an impossible word in your heart.

Bill was speaking to Mary pondering in her heart the idea that the very baby she held and fed and touched and loved on could be the Messiah. Can you even imagine? Surely she questioned, how could this be?  Yet she held the promise in her heart, even though it seemed impossible. And no matter what others said about her and her "condition," it was the promise that kept her going and trusting and believing. She kept it in her heart.

So I sat with these words and I treasured them in my heart, because it was speaking to me....touching something deep. You see, it seemed in the fall God was moving in my life in a way that I thought showed me clearly where we were going, but then there came a detour. One that had me question had I heard wrong.....did I miss the promise?

I could see now that in forgetting the promise something in me wasn't alive any more. That little spark that had Rochelle on fire was diminishing because I stopped pondering the promise, because it wasn't going as I expected and seemed not quite possible anymore. One step closer and then one hundred steps back????

And God reminded me of Joseph and his dream that his brothers would bow down to him. Joseph never imagined that it would come after being sold and imprisoned, but it did. His detours actually led him exactly where he was suppose to be. They would now bow down to him, because he led the nation not a family farm. His vision was much smaller than what God had planned. Too much for Joseph to even conceive.

I hope this is speaking to someone:) Some of you may have given up hope of a promise, because the path looks different than you planned, and today I pray over you that God will revive that promise. I pray that your heart will stir with anticipation of how God could take you right where you are and bring forth something so impossible that it could only be His hands touching your life to birth it. And that timing what be what spurs revival in the hearts of others......I will go where you go, because your God will be my God. A hunger for Him birthed from fulfilling the impossible.

You see, many women have babies, but it is the one that thought it wasn't possible like Sarah that when she does not only fulfills her heart desire, but brings Him glory. A miracle. A barren womb opened. He could have saved Lazarus from death, but instead He chose to raise him from death. A miracle that would make unbelievers turn. Perhaps God isn't denying your heart desire, but seeing if you are capable of holding on to the promise so that in His perfect timing it becomes an example of His scandalous goodness and love for His people, so that others see and desire His Kingdom. And truly that is what holds eternal significance!


I come to you this day asking you to reawaken the promises of your daughters. Let the hope of a baby been reborn and seen fulfilled. Let the hope of an opportunity or a business deal that would change the course of a family be revived and fulfilled. Let the hope of a marriage restored be revived and seen fulfilled. Let the dreams and promises of ministries and platforms and book deals be revived and seen fulfilled. Let the hope of being a mother or wife be revived and fulfilled. Let the dream of products and companies and ministries be revived and resourced and fulfilled. Pour out your favor upon your people Father so that others can see your glory and come running to You. Revive us from the woe Papa this very day and move us into the land of your WONDER!

You are good and loving and your resources have no limits, and many of us need you now Papa. But we ask this, that you keep our hearts pure and we seek nothing more than to  know your heart and to dwell in your love for us.

In the precious name of Jesus, We give you thanks and praise. Amen!

Blessings, Ro