Why are we so moved by LOVE?

photo-9Hello Sweet Friends,

I think it is safe to say that women are easily moved by love. I stepped into the elevator this morning and I was enveloped by the melody of a love song. I honestly can't remember the song for the life of me, but I can't forget how it made me feel. My hurried little spirit halted to partake in a moment of indulgence. I'm sure I smiled. Even sighed a little. I believe it was "Breaking Free" where Beth Moore told the story of being in Walgreens when "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" came across the speakers, and she immediately began looking for her husband expecting him to walk up and grab her up, and, of course, he did. We giggled with her sharing, as only Beth can, her and Keith dancing in the aisle of Walgreens.  I love that image;) And I am absolutely certain that if Todd would have been with me this morning, we would have been dancing in the glass elevator for all to see. Can I say, the Lord has been good to me!!!! Hallelujah!

There is no denying that there is something in the heart of a woman that sparks with the words of a love song. A desire to be loved runs to the marrow. We can't escape it.

So as the day progressed,  I was reflecting on my elevator experience because my heart was already stirring with this theme of love these past few days. I began thinking of one of the all time greatest voices...Celine Dion and her song "The Power of Love." I googled the lyrics to recall this romance between a man and a woman claiming...I'm your lady and you are my man! And while the lyrics speak to this earthly love, the chorus couldn't have spoke more directly to what was churning in my heart the last few days.....

Were heading for something. Somewhere I've never been Sometimes I am frightened But I'm ready to learn of the power of LOVE!

Kind of cheesy, but I dare to say that God has been poking me with this thought....your message is going to be on the Power of Love! Not just a "gushy mushy" love that calls us to hold hands with our neighbors and sing "Kumbaya," but something that says this won't be easy, but trust me......Love will win! Can you trust that love never fails?  A lesson I have learned this year on the floor at times in prayer when it would have been easier to walk away, but HE called me to stand, better yet, He called me to stand in LOVE. And though I thought I couldn't, I did and I would learn that love wins! Perhaps we are so drawn to love, because it is the greatest source of power and He is trying His best to get us to it? Perhaps?

I have certainly seen the impact of love, though I haven't stopped to connect it quite before as a power source.  I have seen love build  bridges! I have seen love redeem! Love restore!  I have seen love mend and heal even remove the band-aids that brings true healing. Love can be relentless in drawing in the lost and broken.  I have seen love unify a body on the verge of division. And I have witnessed personally love break chains and addictions in those I love. Have we missed this? The power of LOVE?

Jesus spoke that the greatest is LOVE! Greater than faith or hope is love. The greatest commandment is LOVE. A man who lived miracles of multiplying loaves, delivering, healing, reviving says that nothing is greater than love. I believe love is powerful beyond measure, and if we practiced it more we would see nothing short of miracles today. The truth is that we don't need a Red Sea to part, or for God to deliver us from a physical furnace or lion, but a miracle, just the same, for some would be a marriage restored from a pornography addiction (did you know 60% of "church" men struggle with it?) or a child brought home from a season of rebellion or one healed or a check in the mail that confirms that He is the provider. A little miracle to some, but everything to another.

I believe He is calling us to LOVE! I believe that He is saying that our love for others is powerful, and most miracles happen today through His people. Your obedience to the nudge to bless someone was their miracle. Your hands of prayer over them could be their miracle. Your act of grace to someone who deserves to be punished may be the one act that frees someone. Your acceptance of a child right where they are may be what delivers them?

Is this touching you like me? There is power in love. Not just an emotion or feeling, but power beyond measure in love!

Before you step away or stop or give up, I believe He is calling you to trust and see the POWER of LOVE work in your life for the glory of His Kingdom. How different this place would be if everything was driven by love?

Will you choose to LOVE?

In His Wings, Ro